Biden Cancels Meeting Abruptly Amid Health Concerns

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(ThePatriotWire)- On Tuesday, as world leaders were gathering in Indonesia to do the formal business of managing international affairs, President Joe Biden abruptly canceled a meeting of the G20.

Despite this, many people are again questioning whether or not the president is suffering from a serious illness due to the official explanation given for President Biden’s last-minute withdrawal.

Peter Doocy, a correspondent for Fox News who covers the White House, delivered the breaking news that President Joe Biden will not be attending the dinner for the G20 leaders.

Doocy reported that Biden was supposed to be at supper at 8:10 in Bali, Indonesia. He was to attend with everyone that traveled in. He noted that the President of the United States spent two days traveling to get there. Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Xi Jinping were all present.

“Yesterday we did hear President Biden tell us that he had a cold and he has tested negative for Covid,” Doocy continued, “but we do not know exactly what is going on with the president.”

Doocy reported that the Cambodian leader from their previous stop tested positive for the Coronavirus.

He said they decided to put the lid on things early. Doocy assured the viewers he would ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the precise circumstances surrounding Biden.

It was also reported that President Biden had canceled the leaders’ dinner and was returning to his hotel at the time of the announcement.

According to a report by Disclose, President Joe Biden did not attend the gala dinner held at the G-20 summit. Instead, he went back to the hotel around 8:00 p.m.

Biden had taken just four questions during a press conference.

Earlier in Indonesia, spectators saw that President Biden was walking in a rather stiff manner close to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which prompted them to ask questions.

It is clear that Biden is not well.


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