Biden Is Against Pelosi Visiting Taiwan, but He Can Eat Crow…The Old Gal Has a Grudge To Settle…

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On June 4, 1989, hell was unleashed on protestors at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. It was the post-Mao era and young people rejecting communism were met with soldiers and tanks in what’s been termed a bloody massacre. Uninvited, a much younger Nancy Pelosi went to Bejing for a first-hand look at the violence but was run out of town on a rail by Chinese officials who didn’t want the nosy American meddling in their affairs. 

The bad taste remains in China’s mouth, which is why they’re throwing a hissy fit over Pelosi saying she’s going to Taiwan whether anybody likes it or not. And nobody in her playground likes it, including her boss Joe Biden.

Surprisingly, there’s a hawkish side to Pelosi that’s been stuffed in a closet for decades while she played politics to get herself escalated to a prominent position. 

Now and again, her cloaked conservatism has briefly made an appearance, like when she voted against Chuck Schumer in 2002 concerning the invasion of Iraq. Schumer wanted to rush in guns blazing and Pelosi voted against him, believing it would be better to hold fire for a while.

She’s also been known to buck her fellow Democrats’ views and policies on human rights. In 2013, it was little ole Nancy who pushed Obama into bombing the snot out of Syria in retaliation for its government using chemical weapons. Obama had been in favor of laying back. 

Pelosi’s never let loose of her grudge against the Chinese and has made it evident by nagging and antagonizing them for decades. As she inches closer to retirement, she’s determined to piss them off one last time, but in the process, she’s also pissing the White House off. 

In a recent interview, Pelosi said, “If you cannot stand up for human rights in China because of commercial interests, you lose all moral authority to speak out for it in any place.”

Pelosi’s planned trip comes just as Bejing is gearing up for battle. The Chinese are planning the full-scale annihilation of every person, creature, and electronic device manufacturing plant on the island called Taiwan, which will cease to host life. 

Pelosi is all dressed up as her vintage self. “This has been going back since Tiananmen Square,” she said of the Chinese government’s wretched behavior. “They promised one country, two systems — look what they did in Hong Kong. They made their own problem with Taiwan. If they had one country, two systems, they’d have something to sell.”

In a rare moment of solidarity, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), said, “The country’s view of China is changing dramatically, and her view reflects where the U.S. is headed.” Blunt is a top GOP leader who served with Pelosi in the House for 14 years, so the man knows her well. 

The Chinese have expressed their objection to Pelosi setting foot in Taiwan, but they’re just adding more fodder to Pelosi’s burning desire to flip ‘em off. China’s defense ministry views the trip as a “scheme” to show her support of “Taiwan’s independence.”

They were a bit harsher concerning what a visit from Pelosi might trigger. “The Chinese military will never sit idly by, and it will definitely take strong actions to thwart any external force’s interference.” 

Pelosi made her stance clear by saying that it should be left up to the Taiwanese people to determine if they prefer remaining independent. Of course, China doesn’t see it that way. Taiwan belongs to them and they want it back.

For all of her many faults, the old gal still has spunk left in her. It’ll at least be interesting to see how this plays out. It doesn’t appear that Pelosi is going to let anything or anybody stand in her way, even if she has to book a private flight.

Pelosi wants to go out in a blaze of glory, but for all her trouble, she might ignite a huge fuse that’s better left unlit. Take a seat boys and girls.

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