Biden MOCKED After Making His Dumbest Claim Yet!

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Yet again, President Joe Biden’s mouth has landed him in trouble. This time, he decided it was a good idea to claim Republicans would increase inflation if they win next month’s midterm elections. The reality is that inflation is a problem now.

On October 12, Biden gave a speech in Los Angeles about his latest spending bill, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. While he was speaking, he took the chance to warn voters that if the GOP retakes control of Congress in November, they’ll push up inflation. Unsurprisingly, this claim brought a storm of ridicule down on him.

When Biden took office last January, US inflation was running at just 1.4% — down from 2% the year before. Now, less than halfway through his term, inflation has rocketed to 8.2% — slightly down from 11% in the second quarter of the year, but still a disaster for ordinary Americans.

Social media quickly blew up as people accused Biden of being out of touch. Former Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler posted a graph showing inflation under former president Donald Trump and then under Biden.

Radio host Paul Zeise said Biden “just lives in fantasyland,” while the Republican National Committee pointed out that even if inflation ended now, Biden’s policies have already cost ordinary Americans thousands of dollars.

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