Biden Official Faces Backlash For Calling Women ‘Egg Producers’

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Some people have taken issue with transexual admiral Rachel Levine’s recent trip to an LGBTQ+ clinic in Alaska because of the clinic’s stances on gender identity, treatment, and the substitution of the word “mother” with the phrase “egg producer.”

“Identity Alaska” in Anchorage hosted transgender activist and HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Levine, who has held this position since 2021. She makes history as the first openly transgender person confirmed to a government position.

In Anchorage, she took to X to show her support for one of the state’s limited LGBTQ+ health clinics, calling its workers outstanding individuals.

Identity Alaska, founded in 1977 as the Alaskan Gay Community Center, serves the local community by offering services and support, such as access to hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgery.

Many of the center’s digital teaching tools are grounded on the Gender-Inclusive Biology curriculum, which advocates for keeping with contemporary views of gender and sexual diversity.

Included in that curriculum are hypothetical questions like whether or not transgender youth can be adequately protected in scientific exploration, how their students can discuss X and Y chromosomes, and how every person’s gender and sexual orientations fit into the understanding of science and evolution.

It also involves substituting other names for “mother” for “egg producer.” “carrier,” “gestational parent,” and “birth parent.”

In a statement published on X, podcast host Megyn Kelly mocked the Biden administration official after seeing a post about it from Rachel Levine praising the clinic.

She commented that this was Joe Biden’s spokesperson, a male acting as a female, and unconvincingly, promoting the concept of swapping the word ‘woman’ for ‘egg producer.’”

Kelly said that Levine was so envious he couldn’t be a female, so he wants to remove all of us who are.
The woman who created the famous Libs of TikTok account, Chaya Raichik, wrote that people are now calling women “egg makers” because the words “bonus hole,” “menstruators,” “bleeders,” and “uterus havers,” aren’t disrespectful enough.

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