Biden Officials Laughs At Idea That Country Behind 9/11 May Have Purposely Infected Biden

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(ThePatriotWire)- National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby scoffed at the idea that anybody in Saudi Arabia purposefully exposed President Biden to COVID, which he contracted shortly after returning to the White House.

New York Post reporter Steven Nelson asked Kirby on Wednesday if he thought the Saudis could have infected our President. Nelson noted that the president began showing signs of the illness two days after returning from his trip when he spoke with Israeli and Saudi leaders.

“Has the US administration ruled out the potential that Saudi Arabia exposed the president to coronavirus?”

“The idea that a foreign nation state would try to infect POTUS with a virus is ridiculous,” said Kirby on Twitter.

But he also said he thought he should go to Karine on that topic; discussing the president’s health was beyond his scope. He was referring to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre.

“I’m not sure why you asked that,” Kirby said to the reporter.

He said that the concept of a foreign government wanting to infect the US president with a virus is absurd.

He said the notion was silly and should be considered a joke.

Kirby’s protest didn’t convince retired Marine Corps bomb engineer and Fox News regular Joey Jones.

“No way could the country that supported 9/11 hijackers do such a thing!” he said on Twitter sarcasrtically.

Sophia Nelson highlighted the gruesome murder of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. She said that until that happened (and US intelligence sources showed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman likely planned the assassination), many may have thought anything like that was absurd.

“Hmmmmm, so is the thought of dismembering a US journalist with a bone saw. Just sayin,” Nelson wrote on Twitter.

Biden allegedly visited with Saudi officials to encourage them to produce more oil and reduce pump prices, but Saudi authorities have refuted the assertion.

Biden should wear a shirt that says, “I went to Saudi Arabia for oil, but all I got was Covid.”

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