Biden Remains Wholly Disconnected from America

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President Biden’s choices are having some longterm consequences on the nation. Less than one year into his term, Americans are facing a conglomeration of crises that aren’t ending anytime soon.

This is very dangerous. However, the reality that Biden sees absolutely nothing wrong with what’s happening is even more dangerous. It’s more dangerous because the president is going to continue with his current patterns unless the system of checks-and-balances stops him.

It is for this reason that having Republicans elected at all levels of government (and having the GOP take back control of Congress in 2022) matters so much. This week, Biden indicated he has no plans of stopping what he’s currently doing, as Breitbart News reported.

Troubling Remarks from Biden in Virginia

Yesterday, the president went to Virginia to stump for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. Biden, of course, gave a speech; however, one of the most troubling parts of his speech came when he declared the United States is presently on the “right track.”

This statement right here shows how utterly disconnected Biden is and why he shouldn’t be president. Americans are dealing with a supply chain crisis, labor shortages, and inflation; the southern border is an absolute disaster and people are quitting and walking off their jobs to protest COVID vaccine mandates.

If Biden thinks this is “the right track,” then he’s a fool who is unfit to lead. Less than one year into his presidential term, Biden is doing all he can to destroy the nation. He’s throwing excrement into the air and then calling it sunshine.

Right now, in the Virginia gubernatorial race, McAuliffe and GOP opponent Glenn Youngkin are neck-in-neck in the polls. McAuliffe made clear he doesn’t believe parents have a right to share their thoughts with school boards regarding what their kids are being taught.

Youngkin, however, is of the view that parents do have the right to communicate with school boards about what their kids are learning. Later this week, Mike Pence will be in Virginia to stump for Youngkin.

National Security Threats Facing America

Because of Biden’s unbelievable incompetence, the United States is forced to face a series of national security threats. This president’s foreign policy choices have engendered disastrous outcomes.

They’ve also sent a message to terrorist groups that America is weak and unwilling to act with the current leadership in office. The national security threats facing the country are worsened by the reality the southern border is wide open.

Criminals, terrorists, and other unsavory characters know the border is an easy entry into the United States to carry out whatever attacks they can. These are incredibly dangerous times to be living in. America is NOT on the right track, despite Biden’s claims otherwise.

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