Biden Says Inflation Is ‘Our Strength’ Before Blaming COVID, Putin

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Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to convince the American people that widescale, historic inflation is not a result of his harrowing policies, but a naturally-occurring phenomenon stemming from unprecedented world events.

This wasn’t always his approach.

Remember when administration officials made their rounds on mainstream media outlets claiming historic inflation was “transitory,” implying that temporary factors contributed to high consumer prices, not any concrete policy decisions.

Once it became evident that Bidenflation was in fact not transitory, the Biden-Harris administration was forced to make a giant leap and find another scapegoat.

Then all of a sudden, like the entire conflict was pulled out of thin air, Russia ordered a military invasion of Ukraine — an invasion the Biden administration immediately jumped on.

This was their perfect excuse to explain historic gas prices even if they were on the rise before Putin ordered the invasion. With the help of mainstream propaganda outlets and Big Tech operatives, Democrats could easily shift the messaging to blame Putin for all of America’s economic woes.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden did just that, again blaming the China Virus pandemic and Vladimir Putin for America’s economic downturn without assuming any responsibility whatsoever.

In fact, he argued that inflation is actually our “strength” and yet presented a plan to combat it anyway, which includes more federal spending.


According to Politico, what Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said last week was that he saw a “strong economy” in the United States — but one that was threatened by uncontrolled inflation.

Biden also claimed that he and his administration were doing everything they could to implement a plan to tackle inflation — before skirting all responsibility and laying blame at Putin’s feet.

“I’m taking inflation very seriously. It’s my top domestic priority,” he said. “I’m here today to talk about solutions, and there’s going to be more we’re going to have to talk about as well.”


Biden blamed skyrocketing gas prices on Putin’s war with Ukraine despite the fact that gas prices have been rising steadily since he was sworn in late last January. He also failed to mention that inflation rates in the United States had already been jumping at the fastest pace in decades before Putin ordered his occupation forces to invade Ukraine.

Despite Biden’s insistence that inflation is his “top domestic priority”, the cognitively deficient president went ahead and sent another $40 billion to Ukraine…

Make it make sense.

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