Biden Staffer Tries (And Fails) To Convince America Of Hunter’s Innocence

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While the Biden administration hoped to portray their ‘confidence’ that Joe and Hunter did nothing wrong regarding their shady overseas business deals, it appears they just dug themselves an even deeper hole.

On Sunday, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain claimed that Joe Biden had not been in contact with the Department of Justice regarding his son’s investigation, yet Klain expressed confidence that all business dealings were above board and ethical.

Doesn’t that sound like the Biden administration is attempting to sway the Justice Department by publicly expressing innocence on national television?

In a wide-ranging interview Sunday morning, the host asked Klain several questions about the evidence of Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. The interviewer noted that the “DOJ is intensifying its investigation” into Hunter, before saying, “I assume the president’s had no contact with the Justice Department about that?”

“Neither the president nor any of us at the White House have had contact with the Justice Department about that,” Klain responded.

“Is the president confident Hunter Biden didn’t break the law?” Stephanopoulos followed up.

Last week, it was reported that a federal grand jury heard testimony about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in both Ukraine and China. Information about the payments Hunter received in both adversarial countries while on the boards of various companies was relayed to the jury, who will soon decide whether criminal charges are necessary.

The Biden family has reportedly made millions from foreign business deals that many believe were only possible because of Joe Biden’s political connections as a senator, vice president, and presidential candidate.

Emails and texts found on Hunter Biden’s laptop confirm this assessment.

According to Schweizer, Biden’s brother James played a role in at least one of those business deals with Chinese elites:

Not until last week did establishment “news” outlets even consider seriously reporting on the Hunter Biden bombshell after the story was widely maligned as “Russian disinformation” by the White House.

The New York Times published a story verifying the contents on Hunter’s laptop, thus drastically shifting the narrative that Russians were responsible for the story to ensure Trump’s reelection. The Washington Post came out with a similar story verifying the $4.8 million dollar payments Hunter receives from Communist China as a result of a shady business deal.

While noting the story from the Post, Stephanoplous asked Klain, “Is the president confident his family didn’t cross any ethical lines?”

Interesting how Kain shifted the tone of this response compared to the first.

If Joe is so confident that his family didn’t break the law, then why is it important that Klain emphasize the “private” manner in which Hunter sought overseas business deals?

If Joe’s name is plastered on business emails and texts, is it really that private?

The Biden administration is slowly laying the groundwork to better weasel their way out of any consequences that may occur if media outlets keep digging for answers.

Not to mention of the Justice Department actually goes through with an investigation.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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