Biden Threatens To Use Force Against Iran

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Over the last 20 years, the United States has repeatedly said Iran is pursuing nuclear capabilities. Different presidents have tried various tactics to stop them. They have used brutal economic sanctions to slow down Iran’s economic growth, and former President Barack Obama essentially attempted to bribe them with cash in a 2015 agreement known as the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.” Now, the Israeli government is sounding the alarm that time is up.

On Wednesday, July 13, President Joe Biden told an Israeli news channel that military force wasn’t off the table. Biden noted the only thing worse than Iran was Iran with nuclear capabilities. Still, the president took the occasion to blame former President Donald Trump for Iran’s near acquisition of a nuclear bomb.

Israel Warns That Time Is Up

On June 11, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Iran was developing its nuclear capabilities at a phenomenal rate and was extremely close to acquiring a nuclear weapon. He warned the global community must immediately and firmly tell Iran they cannot have nuclear capabilities. He added sanctions aren’t deterring the Mullahs, and the only way to prevent it from happening was to stop them (militarily.)

So, how close is Iran to getting a nuke?

On June 8, the UN International Atomic Energy Agency censured Iran for disconnecting its monitoring devices in the terrorist country’s nuclear sites. Officials say Iran removed 27 surveillance cameras from its nuclear facilities, prohibiting the watchdog from monitoring their uranium enrichment. The agency said by early July, it would lose knowledge of Iran’s progress and noted it was already close to weapon-grade uranium levels.

Biden Warns Iran

As the negotiations stalled over the last several months, Iran has become more provocative, and Israelis are becoming more nervous. Iran has vowed to wipe them off the map for decades, and Israel takes their threats seriously. On Wednesday, Israeli Channel 12 anchor Yonit Levi interviewed the president soon after he landed in the Jewish state.

Levi specifically asked Biden if he would use (military) force to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Biden said he would authorize force against Iran as a last resort. He said under no condition could Iran be allowed to get a nuclear weapon.

Still, the president took the occasion to blame Trump for Iran’s escalation despite the Mullah’s intent to develop their nuclear program over the last 20 years in the face of severe sanctions.

So, the question is, what’s next if Iran doesn’t back down?

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