Biden’s Disastrous Economic Police Unite Entire Country Against Him

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Joe Biden – or how’s he’s known online – “Bare Shelves Biden” has fulfilled a key campaign promise.

Just like he said on the campaign trail, the cognitively deficient president has united the entire country. Of course it’s not how he hoped, but a growing majority is certainly united around a feeling of hatred for the man who so quickly and definitively brought American excellence to a screeching halt.

Biden’s team hoped they could coast through his presidency, relying on the pandemic issue to sway voters to his side.

He was dead wrong.

His faltering economy outpaced the ever-raging Chinese coronavirus as the nation’s top concern in 2022, a recent poll revealed.

While Biden’s economy has reached 40-year high inflation, only 37% of Americans say the virus is their top worry. Conversely, 59% percent said it was their top concern last year in January.

However, more than 68% now say Biden’s sluggish economy is their top concern for the president to solve in 2022, outpacing coronavirus by 31 percentage points.

That’s seriously bad news for Team Biden.

When respondents were asked last year about concerns of rising inflation, only 1% were worried. Monday’s poll showed that number has grown to 14%.

Among those who name their household finances as a top issue for Biden to solve in 2022, 24% named it as a top priority, while only 12% suggested so last year.

The polling comes a former Biden administration advisory board member Celine Gounder said the administration has a coronavirus credibility problem.

“The administration in general has lost the confidence of people who would be their natural supporters,” said Gounder.

George Washington University professor and CNN commentator Leana Wen also admitted “the CDC is facing a real crisis of trust” and blamed its Director director Rochelle Walensky for the crisis.

“The primary problem is the policy and how insular Walensky has been in setting it,” Wen added. “She and the others are great communicators but no one can communicate a bad policy.”

This comment, by the way, comes from a woman so radical on the COVID issue, she believes unvaccinated should be in camps, which she openly admitted on CNN.

CNN reported Friday the White House is growing baffled over the CDC’s disconnect “between an inherently political operation and one driven by public health experts.”

Even as the so-called Omicron variant spreads and most find themselves a little sniffly, Americans have largely moved on from the pandemic despite what Democrat politicians and public health nazis tell us.

The economy is what we care about: how we’re getting food on the table, the amount we pay in taxes, the ability to fill up one’s gas tank – this is what matters to your regular American unbothered by the coastal elite bubble.

Author: Jason Dean

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