Biden’s Doctor Is Reportedly Hiding Key Details On Biden’s Health

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(ThePatriotWire)- For the second day in a row, reporters at the White House wanted to know why Joe Biden’s doctor was defying every president before him by declining to meet with them and respond to inquiries about his health.

Reporters are growing impatient with the administration’s lack of efforts to keep them informed as Biden is reportedly walled up in isolation at the White House with COVID.

Ashish Jha, the COVID-19 response coordinator, was the target of criticism on Monday after reports from Fox News, The New York Times, CBS News, and Newsmax demanded to know why Colonel Kevin O’Connor, the White House doctor, was unable to be seen.

Steven Portnoy, a White House journalist for CBS News Radio, questioned, “Why the President’s doctor is not here?”

He wanted to know what the reason for his absence was. He demanded if Biden decided to forgo sending his doctor to address the press’s inquiries, as his predecessors had done.

Jha tried to deflect attention from the subject by saying that the media had “heard every day from the President’s physician via his extensive description of his evaluation, his strategy.”

But Portnoy persisted by saying that there is a tradition in the press room of the president’s doctors accepting questions, and part of the reason for that is that some colleagues in the medical field do have questions and have requested that the reporters ask them about why the president’s doctor told him to cease taking Crestor and Eliquis.

Portnoy said they did their best to convey the response that the President’s physician gave, but he wanted to know why the President chose against sending his doctor out to field inquiries.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy chimed in –

“Is this a situation where Dr. O’Connor does not want to come and talk about the President’s health or where the President doesn’t want Dr. O’Connor talking about his health?”

Once more, Jha could not respond, instead asserting that neither O’Conner nor Biden had previously stated that they did not want the doctor to show up.

So, where was he?

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