Biden’s Ratings Collapse in His Home District

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 It seems that, with every new poll, President Biden explores whole new depths of unpopularity. He’s losing support across social, ethnic, and economic lines. Now, even the voters in his own congressional district are turning against him.

A new poll of voters in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, the one that contains Biden’s hometown of Scranton, has found that approval for the president’s performance has fallen to just 38% — while a crushing 60% disapprove. The survey was carried out by Cygnal for Republican congressional nominee Jim Bognet, who hopes to take the district from Democrat Matt Cartwright in November’s midterm elections. The same poll shows Bognet leading Cartwright by 1%.

Playing up his working-class Pennsylvania origins is a big part of Biden’s “ordinary guy” image, but it doesn’t look like voters are buying it anymore. Another poll shows that while Biden has even less support in the rest of the state than he does in his hometown, only 35% of Pennsylvanians approve of his record and 56% disapprove.

Pennsylvanians are suffering from Biden’s policies as much as anywhere else in the US. In June, the state’s average gas price hit $5 for the first time in history. Now they’re abandoning him, and according to the Cygnal poll, his hometown is leading the way.

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