Biden’s Rule Changes Will Force Schools To Teach Trans Agenda

by admin

(ThePatriotWire)- The Biden administration has pursued a radical agenda altering Title IX to include transgenderism. Under the proposed changes that will undo Trump’s assertion of biological gender, the current administration is dissolving the separation of gendered restrooms, changing rooms, and sports.

The new proposals would reportedly go against laws 13 states that bar transgender female athletes from competing in women sports and other restrictions around restrooms.

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona reportedly told NBC News that these new changes would extend rules against discrimination, including transgenders who are not currently protected under the existing Title IX. “Our proposed changes would fully protect students from all forms of sex discrimination, instead of limiting some protections to sexual harassment alone,” he said, adding that this includes sexual orientation and gender identity.

Conservative civil liberties groups are arguing against the changes, accusing the administration of robbing girls of equal opportunity in sports. They’re also arguing that the traditional separation of the genders would become illegal and unsafe to women. A letter sent to the secretary reads,

“If a high school boy declares that he ‘identifies’ as a girl, the school would be required to allow him to walk into the girls’ locker room while girls are changing, or enter the girls’ bathroom to use the facilities alongside his female peers. Any attempt to prevent this would be discriminatory conduct prohibited by Title IX.”

A Loudon County public school in Virginia covered up an incident last year where an alleged “gender-fluid” boy went into the girls’ restroom and sexually assaulted a ninth grade girl. The school, committed to gender ideology, covered up the incident before the father of the girl was arrested for speaking out. This came after sexually explicit books were allowed in the school’s library. Attorney General Merrick Garland who leads the Justice Department then issued a memo suggesting parents were a threat to school board members.

Biden’s proposals will also include changes to the way sexual allegations are treated. Colleges will now be able to refuse to cross-examine to accuser and to refuse to hold live hearings on the accusation. Schools will effectively be permitted to make a determination about the case—all that run counter to the fair treatment, innocent-until-proven-guilty legal standard.

While Biden’s proposals wait a 60-day commenting period, should Republicans flip Congress during midterms, these changes could still be stopped.

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