Bill Gates Admits Truth About COVID After Peddling Pandemic Lies

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Much to the chagrin of every American who lost their livelihood, whose business got destroyed, whose children are suffering at school, whose mental health is slow to recover as a result of draconian lockdowns, one of the pandemic’s biggest proponents is finally admitting what most conservatives knew all along.

The Big Tech villain and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates play-acted like a part-time immunologist for most of the pandemic. He spent nearly two years backing up, supporting, and repeating the recommendations of public health officials who insisted that Americans remain locked down, forced into their homes, while children were kept out of schools.

Now, Jeffrey Epstein’s best friend is having a change of heart.

Gates has pivoted his focus from running a multi-billion tech company to the study of global health issues through his philanthropic organization, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Some say running a philanthropic non-profit organization is the perfect way to funnel billions and billions of dollars of income without the added tax burden, akin to that Clinton Foundation.

Gates has “donated” billions of dollars to the study of Malaria in Africa without any tangible results, for example.

His charitable efforts and hoards of wealth somehow legitimized the Microsoft co-founder in the eyes of mainstream media outlets and the brain-dead sector of the American public who still watches them.

On a daily basis, Gates could be seen on CNN, MSNBC, et al peddling the lies of Fauci and his public health cronies, only to now admit what many conservatives have been saying throughout the entire pandemic.

During a recent conference, Gates admitted on stage that the China Virus is “kind of like the flu” with a “very low fatality rate.” He said COVID-19 is a disease “mainly of the elderly.”


Yes, you heard him correctly.

On the idea of closing schools, of which he was a massive proponent, Gates is suddenly appalled at the idea after witnessing the harrowing effects children will face for years to come.


And on the efficacy of vaccines, Gates has radically changed his position, almost to the point of what liberals would call “disinformation.”

“Once Omicron comes along, the vaccine is not reducing transmission, hardly at all, particularly about three or four months after you take the vaccine,” he said.

This is the man who was heralded as a leading authoritative voice throughout the entire pandemic…

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