CA Law to Kill 70,000 Trucker Businesses, Further Damaging the Supply Chain

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You might remember that California launched an all-out attack on entrepreneurs and what are commonly referred to as gig workers back in 2019. Like most woke ideas, the purpose undoubtedly began with good intentions, to protect workers in the state and make sure they don’t go without things like health insurance and retirement benefits and are otherwise held accountable for the same stuff full-time employees are, according to Brookings Institution.

And so, the law, known as Assembly Bill 5, worked to limit the ability of independent contractors and demanded that they become actual employees.

Naturally, this caused much controversy, as a great number of individuals in the state consider themselves to be gig workers, from Uber and trucker drivers to freelance writers.

For some industries, the state initially offered a referendum that protected gig workers, such as independent contract truckers, as well as delivery service drivers for Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash. However, thanks to the Supreme Court’s recent refusal to hear a petition to keep that injunction in place from the California Trucking Association, independent contract truckers have now been outlawed.

It is noted the same fate will not occur for delivery service drivers. California leaders made this industry exempt.

But, for truckers, who are responsible for moving consumer goods and products all over the country, they have been given an ultimatum of sorts. Either they can shutter the doors to their own small businesses, park their rigs, and hire on with big-name trucking companies like JB Hunt or Schneider, or leave the state.

Undoubtedly, many will choose the latter, as have literally millions of other former Californians, what with the higher-than-average taxes, skyrocketing cost of living, and rising crime that exists there.

However, both options are expected to further cripple the ongoing supply chain crisis.

As you likely know, much of the problem begins on the West Coast, where Californian ports are increasingly unable to meet the demands of inbound shipping traffic, whether by land or sea. They don’t have enough workers to unload and reload supplies, and they don’t have enough truckers, railroad cars, etc., waiting to take their loads.

And now, thanks to this law, the Golden State just decommissioned about 70,000 more truckers and their rigs. Yes – 70,000.

Talk about being inefficient…

Now, there is some good news. Seeing as how the Supreme Court refused to hear this petition, AB 5 and its controversy will be forced back into a California district court. Here, the California Trucking Association plans to further argue that the law violates the U.S. Constitution, particularly the Commerce Clause of it.

However unlikely, it is possible that the court could hear and agree with their point.

But like I said, it’s a bit doubtful. California has made it clear in years past that it plans to lead whatever liberal movement being talked about. And this law is liberal to its core.

As you well know, the liberal left is all about big government. And that means that they don’t care too much for small anything, from small businesses and churches to medical practices and retailers. The bigger the enterprise, the more control government can have because it’s easier to influence the guy at the top.

Small businesses, on the other hand, are harder to control and keep tabs on, thanks to fewer regulations and rules.

However, this also means that when something like a pandemic occurs, the government can more easily back those big companies and help them to maintain profits, while small businesses pretty much dry up and close their doors.

Of course, this is more of a benefit to big government than anything else. The fewer small companies, the more likely bigger companies will grow, and unions can form. And we know all too well how the Democrats love their unions, don’t we?

But I digress…

In any case, independent contract truckers, and a lot of them, are soon to be out of a job in California and looking for a new way to put food on the table in an already infuriating economy. Of course, they won’t be the only ones affected. Salespeople, computer programmers, musicians, athletes, and all manner of people are now being told they cannot be their own bosses and must surrender to the authority of big government.

No wonder California is losing residents by the thousands…

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