California Republican Faces Criticism for Making Bad Comparisons

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Today’s political environment is more hostile than ever before. It’s why every politician needs to be extremely careful with what they say. Democrats will turn on Democrats…and Republicans will do the same.

One Republican candidate in California learned the hard way. While he was looking to make a point about how Donald Trump experienced a completely unacceptable FBI raid of his home, he made some comparisons that many found completely unacceptable.

Mark Meuser is currently a constitutional and election law attorney. He’s also running for U.S. Senate with the hopes of taking over Democrat Alex Padilla’s seat.

He recently posed a question on Twitter about the double standard being seen. His comparison left a lot to be desired, however.

“Imagine the backlash if while he was in office, Trump had Obama’s home raised and AOC’s phone seized.”

The raid has been reported to focus on White House records that were potentially unlawfully handled. FBI agents focused their time on three areas of Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago where documents could have been kept instead of being handed over to the Archives.

Meuser’s tweet didn’t say anything about the fact that Trump was actually in the middle of an investigation prior to the raid. And, he chose to compare Trump to people who, as of right now, have been law-abiding citizens.

Political commentator Keith Olbermann ripped into Meuser by saying, “You mean treating guilty traitors differently than law abiding public servants like Obama and AOC? THAT double standard?

Of course, we don’t know if Trump is a guilty traitor, but the Democrats are sure hell-bent to make sure that he’s proven to be one.

Meanwhile, as far as we know, Obama and AOC have been law-abiding public servants.

If Meuser REALLY wanted to make an accurate comparison, he could have simply stuck with who is in the White House right now – Joe Biden. And then added his son Hunter in for good measure.

Meuser has to be cautious about what he says because he’s currently trying to seek office. As a Republican in California, he has to know that the odds are against him. He’s also up against Alex Padilla, the incumbent senator who has a significant amount of support behind him.

At the end of the primaries, Padilla had the lead with 53% support. Meuser only had 6% — the rest of the Republican candidates only had 2 or 3 percent support. So, Meuser squeaked his way into the general election.

Picking on people like Obama and AOC in a Democrat-run state is nearly an automatic death sentence. They are the golden children of the Democratic Party – and Meuser should have known not to go there.

If you read the whole tweet from Olbermann on Twitter, you’d know that he ended his comment to Meuser with “You’re a f$*%ing idiot. Get out of my country.”

Meuser’s campaign thought it would be a good idea to continue to support the original tweet regarding the double standard. The response to Olbermann was this: “In Keith’s country it is sentence first – verdict afterward. But we live in America, not Wonderland, where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Can you tell me what court has convicted Trump of treason?”

Meuser was right to point out how wrong the FBI raid of Trump’s home was. However, his comparisons were what got him into trouble.

Anyone with half a brain questions the validity of the raid. As Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) pointed out, it’s highly likely that the FBI planted evidence against Trump. She tweeted “Otherwise WHY would they NOT allow his attorneys or anyone watch them while they conducted their unprecedented raid?”

It seems Meuser has a lot to learn about what can and cannot be said in today’s political climate.

The question now is, will this candidate pay for his verbal diarrhea with his chance of being elected to office? Only time will tell.

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