Chinese COVID Lockdown Protests Become Brutally Violent

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Graeme Kennedy /
Graeme Kennedy /

The citizens of China have been up to their ears in laws, rule changes, and failed government policies for years. For the ruling party, COVID has been an excuse to thin the herd in their population, as well as a way to get their people under even more control. Now the people are standing up and taking back their freedoms as quickly as they can. With protests in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan the government has seen how tired of the deceit the people of China are.

Protests in Shanghai were the most concerning, as the people broke out into a full riot against the government and its army of controllers. These representatives of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are coming out in full force to attack the regular citizens who oppose their “zero COVID” policy. While the policy has been in existence since the start of COVID, the people of China had little they could do at first, and lately, the actions from the CCP are at their strongest yet.

International Monetary Fund First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath issued a statement about the COVID situation. “Under the zero-COVID strategy, China weathered the initial impact of the pandemic well, allowing the economy to recover swiftly from the early-2020 lockdowns and to expand the global supply of medical goods and durable goods significantly at a critical time for the global economy. However, China’s growth has since slowed and remains under pressure amid recurring COVID outbreaks, deep challenges in the property sector, and slowing global demand.”

For the people of China, many found themselves being locked down at home for as long as 100 consecutive days. These lockdowns were enforced by sealing exits and as a result, many people were starved. In many cases as opposed to chaining the doors, authorities welded doors shut to keep people inside. This was the root cause behind a tragic fire in a high-rise building located in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang autonomous region. Because of not being able to escape, the November 24th fire, 10 people died. It also kicked off the latest protests.

Per the AP and Reuters, a crowd of about 100 people gathered at Wulumuqi Road in Shanghai to hold a candlelight vigil for the victims. Naturally, the CCP police were on standby to monitor the vigil and enforce the communist policies as well as prevent them from becoming a demonstration. This was a futile effort as they eventually rebelled able being assaulted with pepper spray and then the battle was on. From security barricades to rocks to sticks, the people fought back with everything they could find.

November 27th saw protests mount in Wuhan, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Xinjiang, and Beijing as well. The Wuhan protests also turned violent, with protestors again choosing metal barricades as weapons to fight off the police and CCP. They also overturned tents and demanded an immediate exit from the COVID lockdowns. People there have hit their limit of what they will take from CCP President Xi Jinping. Despite being confirmed as the leader, people are tired.

Various chants broke out at the protests. From “Down with the Chinese Communist Party, down with Xi Jinping,” to “Xi Jinping! Step down!” or simply “We want freedom,” it is clear that the CCP is no longer working for the people of China. Rather, the people are working for it, and they are tired of it all.

The people of China are at the gates of a new dawn. A dawn of freedom and not allowing those who are ultra-rich and powerful to rule their lives, but instead experiencing true freedom. While it is difficult to predict how this will go, the ripples will be felt across the globe.

As Americans, we must thank God we had President Trump in office when COVID broke. Had it been Biden, we would be like China is now, or worse.

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