Clown World: Students Forced To Take “Accountability” For Being White

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What parent would send their kid off to college today when it’s almost guaranteed they will become indoctrinated by leftwing lunatics and their harebrained, racist ideas meant to train the next generation of shock troops in the progressive culture war?

The University of South Carolina’s College of Social Work hosted a “White Accountability” meeting, where white students were informed that they contribute to racism in their everyday lives.

The “purpose” of the project, according to the event description, is to “help social work students recognize both their contribution to and responsibility to dismantle racism in our practice and everyday lives,” and find ways to use their “privilege” to enact change, and learn skills to host their own “White Accountability Groups.”

The University of South Carolina insisted the “White Accountability” meeting was part of a “class project,” telling one reporter, “The Group meeting was part of a doctoral candidate’s class project and not something that was offered by the College of Social Work itself.”

“Participation in the project was open to anyone and was strictly voluntary,” the university added.

An internal email obtained by Turning Point USA (TPUSA), however, showed the university’s College of Social Work branding attached to a virtual flier advertising for the event.

“Hello all CoSW Students! Spots are still open for the White Student Accountability Group meeting,” the email read. “The meeting will be about an hour and no additional preparation is necessary to attend!”

The president of the TPUSA student group at the University of South Carolina, Dylan B, reacted to the “White Student Accountability Group,” stating, “It’s just very sad and disappointing that the university would organize an event that promotes legitimately racist ideas.”

On Wednesday, the event description was deleted on Zoom.

While this may seem like a silly notion isolated on college campuses across America, the truth remains that younger generations are being trained not only to hate white people, but to seek their total destruction.

If allowed to proceed, there’s no telling how bad this can get. We should look to nations like South Africa as an example of what can happen when entire populations are trained to hate a certain race.

Author: Asa McCue

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