Crimes Against Humanity: NYT Admits Truth About COVID

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Well would you look at that.

Not even writers from the New York Times can rightfully carry on with their journalistic duties without first acknowledging the utter scam Democrats pulled on the American people during the entire pandemic.

Those of us with common sense could clearly understand the widescale use of masks, mass vaccinations and booster shots had little to do with public health. These acts were liberal religious practices used to signal your adherence to state ideology, not in any way to protect from the China Virus.

Now it appears establishment media apparatchiks are finally admitting the truth…

A senior writer at The New York Times said vaccinations, booster shots and masks have not caused a major difference in case rates between parts of the country with different levels of COVID-19 precautions in a shocking newsletter released earlier this week.

The newsletter compared COVID-19 case rates for Democratic and Republican areas, noting that Democrats were more likely to wear masks, get vaccinated and boosted, avoid public spaces and shut down in-person schools over virus fears.

“These factors seem as if they should have caused large differences in case rates. They have not. And that they haven’t offers some clarity about the relative effectiveness of different Covid interventions,” David Leonhardt wrote in the newsletter.

Restaurants in America’s most liberal cities are still seating customers at only 40% of pre-pandemic levels, while restaurants in cities like Miami, Austin, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina, have fully recovered, according to the newsletter.

“Nationwide, the number of official Covid cases has recently been somewhat higher in heavily Democratic areas than Republican areas,” the NYT newsletter read. “There is a strong argument for continuing to remove other restrictions, and returning to normal life.”

“If a new variant emerges, and hospitals are again at risk of being overwhelmed, then reinstating Covid restrictions may make sense again, despite their modest effects. But that’s not where the country is today,” the newsletter concluded.


Meanwhile, Democrats and their mainstream media propagandists are currently in the process of creating a giant memory hole for the last two years of tyrannical pandemic restrictions in an effort to increase the chances of winning midterm races.

Americans are pissed and we won’t forget that quickly.

Author: Nolan Sheridan

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