Democrat’s Audio Cut Off After Question

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(ThePatriotWire)- On the eve of Tuesday’s midterm elections, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s challenger, Republican Tudor Dixon, skewered the incumbent Democrat after Whitmer experienced “audio problems” during a TV interview just as she was asked if she had any regrets over how she handled the COVID pandemic.

Governor Whitmer was being interviewed via video link by the local Detroit Fox station last Monday when one of the hosts brought up the criticisms she faced over her handling of the pandemic and asked the governor if she had any regrets.

The governor said, “I’m sorry?” Then someone else could be heard saying “I think we lost—”

Whitmer asked if she may have caused the problem by touching the earwig when it started to fall out of her ear.

Back in the studio, the host asked if the governor could hear them, then added “She’s having some audio problems.”

Whitmer’s Republican challenger Tudor Dixon tweeted a clip of the interview, saying she hoped Whitmer will be able to return on air to answer the question “about her disastrous COVID policies.” Dixon then asked if there would be another mysterious malfunction if Whitmer did return.

Of course, neither Whitner’s “audio problems” nor her disastrous COVID pandemic policies were enough to keep her from gliding to reelection on Tuesday.

Whitmer defeated Dixon by about 500,000 votes, 54.5 percent to 43.9 percent. In Wayne County alone, Whitmer received over 457,000 to Dixon’s 180,426 votes.

Overall, the anticipated voter blowback over Whitmer’s draconian COVID policies never came to fruition.

In addition to Whitmer easily defeating her Republican challenger, Michigan Democrats also made gains in the state legislature, flipping the state Senate and state House away from Republicans.

Democrats hadn’t held the majority in both state chambers for nearly 40 years.

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