Democrats Under Fire for Promoting Criminal Behavior

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America has endured just enough of crime and lawlessness to last a lifetime. Right now, the city of San Francisco, California is getting a first-hand look at what happens when you go soft on crime.

Shoplifting in San Francisco is out of control and prompting many stores to shut down altogether. Months ago, city leaders decided to give criminals a pass on shoplifting, so long as the goods they steal don’t supersede $950.

Meanwhile, defunding the police has backfired on communities, as crime increases. At the same time Democrat leaders defunded law enforcement, they also let dangerous criminals out of prison, thus fostering an even worse lawlessness crisis.

Now, as Breitbart News reports, Democrats are being called out for the roles they’ve played in promoting criminal behavior across the United States.

The Grave Need for Law and Order

While participating in a Fox News interview, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson spoke about the grave importance of law and order, especially after the killing of multiple people attending a Christmas event in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The Republican senator declared this never should have occurred and speaks to the need for a greater look into the criminal justice system. According to Johnson, Waukesha is only the latest example of cities where crime is spilling out and costing innocent people their lives.

Johnson later went on to remark that what Democrats are doing is promoting criminal activities in the United States. The GOP lawmaker stated this is occurring when leftists allow for catch and release or fail to implement bail that is in keeping with the crimes individuals have committed.

Finally, Johnson explained that Democrats like Eric Holder, George Soros, and others are responsible for throwing their money and actions behind the type of criminal activity the country is witnessing in growing numbers of communities.

No Accountability from Democrats

Since the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, Democrats have gone on and on about how they believe Rittenhouse should have been found guilty. What Democrats won’t talk about are the criminals who were chasing Rittenhouse down the street and threatening to murder him.

Democrats also won’t take accountability for the aforementioned crime wave happening in San Francisco and other areas where leftists call the shots. At this point, it is irresponsible for the Democrat Party to remain soft on crime and leave innocent Americans at the mercy of criminals.

The Biden administration has yet to announce a comprehensive solution to crack down on crime once and for all. This is inexcusable and it’s all the more reason why Democrats must be voted out of power nationwide.

Are you worried about the rise of crime in the United States? We’re looking forward to reading your views in the comments field below.

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