Dems To Cash In On Voters’ Abortion Anger With Massive Fundraising Scheme

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The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) released a plan Tuesday to raise $10 million for candidates in crucial swing states, according to their website.

The “Protect Reproductive Rights Fund” will allow gubernatorial candidates in states whose legislatures have passed pro-life legislation, to draw funds for their campaign, according to the DGA. The fund is being chaired by Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, whose state has some of the most pro-abortion laws in the nation.

Candidates in states such as Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan will be eligible to receive the money raised by the new fund, the DGA announced. The goal is to raise $10 million for the candidates.

“Every dollar donated to the Protect Reproductive Rights Fund goes straight to supporting incumbent Democratic governors and electing Democratic candidates for governor in one or more of those states,” the DGA said.

Democratic candidates have previously signaled their intent to cash in on the Dobbs decision, which returned the power to restrict abortion procedures to individual states, as candidates in key races and states such as Pennsylvania immediately seized the opportunity to rally their base and raise money

We refuse to stand idly by while the Supreme Court attacks the rights of New Yorkers.

I am issuing a proclamation to add equal rights to the legislature’s extraordinary session agenda — to enshrine the right to abortion access in the State Constitution.

— Governor Kathy Hochul (@GovKathyHochul) July 1, 2022

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