DNC Cuts Price of Photo with Harris by Two-Thirds…

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National leaders are supposed to be popular, right? I mean, they are supposedly elected, meaning the majority of the population, whether nationally or statewide, prefer them and their style of leadership.

However, when it comes to our current national leaders, that is far from the case. And no, I’m not just talking about Democratic President Joe Biden is not officially even more unpopular than his predecessor Donald Trump at this same time in his tenure in the White House.

I’m also talking about Biden’s second in charge, Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to a poll from FiveThirtyEight, Harris currently has a net approval rating of -13.1 percentage points as of Friday. Biden has even less with -15.1 percentage points.

And apparently, this epically low rating is causing the Democratic National Committee some financial problems.

Usually, a big name like Harris, or the Vice President, to be more specific, is supposed to bring in quite a bit of revenue for the party. For instance, Harris was scheduled to attend a Women’s Leadership Forum in May where fans could pose with her for the steep price of $15,000 a shot.

However, due to both Harris and the Democratic Party’s unpopularity, not enough tickets to the event were sold, and so the forum was postponed until later this fall.

Additionally, the price of a photo with our not-so-beloved VP has dropped considerably.

As Puck News’ Tara Palmeri reported, Harris is scheduled to attend another DNC event in California soon. The price for a photo with her will be only $5,000.

Now, to be sure, that’s still one expensive photo for most of us. However, you’ll note that it’s a significant price drop – one that’s been cut by a whole two-thirds of what it was just a month ago.

Now, to be sure, most of us knew that Harris would never be all that popular. In fact, throughout her career, whether as a DA for San Francisco, California’s Attorney General, or a Golden State senator. When Biden had officially won the Democratic primary and was looking for an acceptable VP, most of us figured it would be anyone other than Kamala.

This was a woman who had not only wrestled with Biden in one primary debate but who no one seemed to really have faith in.

But I don’t think any of us could have imagined her likability to be this bad, especially when you consider what she was supposed to be for the Democratic Party – namely Biden’s exact opposite.

While he was supposedly moderate, obviously white, male, and old, she is liberal to her core, clearly a much younger woman, and one “of color,” at that. And, according to Biden, she was chosen because she was more than capable of doing his job and taking over for him if need be “on day one.”

But as it turns out, identity isn’t everything, try as the Democrats might to make it so.

So why is Harris so unpopular, besides the fact that she is tied to the ever-failing Biden administration?

Well, those close to Harris say the fault isn’t hers at all. Instead, it is Biden’s, as he hasn’t given her enough meaningful tasks to do.

According to California Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, “She’s very honored and very proud to be vice president of the United States. Her job as the No. 2 is to be helpful and supportive to the president and to take on work that he asks her to take on. It is natural that those of us who know her know how much more helpful she can be than she is currently being asked to be.”

However, this flies in the face of the tasks that she has already been given and subsequently failed at, such as stemming the flow of illegal migrant crossings at our southern border, as well as getting the entire nation vaccinated. She was tasked with the first over a year and a half ago. And yet, the border is as disastrous as ever.

She was supposed to be the saving grace of the Democratic Party should Biden fail them or become too old to handle his job. And yet, because of her failures, as well as her now abysmal approval rating, the DNC is seeking greener pastures for a 2024 candidate.

And given the potentially strong line of the political right for such a position, as well as their increasing popularity, the party is running out of options.

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