Donald Trump Shows Off Influence as Endorsements Keep Winning

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Former President Donald Trump continues to be significant pain for the Democrats and several Republicans who like to act like liberals. One such person is none other than Liz Cheney from Wyoming. She was one Republican out of several who voted to impeach Trump at the end of his term. And because of that choice, her future in politics is quickly coming to an end.

Cheney raised a lot of money for her reelection campaign. She was to face off against Harriett Hageman, who spent $3.5 million compared to the $8 million Cheney’s campaign dumped into her reelection. But the one thing she was missing was an endorsement from Trump.

Hageman was the Republican challenger who received the former president’s blessing. And she was the one who the people voted for. The incumbent Cheney spent the most, but she did not cut when it came to what the people wanted.

ABC News reported that “Hageman’s victory on Tuesday cemented a new political reality in the 2022 Republican primaries: Incumbency and large war chests, long considered to be among the biggest keys to electoral victory, are no longer a safeguard when it comes to candidates facing opponents backed by former President Donald Trump.”

People are looking for those backed by the former president because they trust his judgment. Trump proved himself while serving as president. He was willing to listen to the people and do what was in their best interest, even when it was not popular with the liberal elite.

ABC News also reported, “Of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump following the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, four decided not to seek reelection, leaving six to face primary challengers. All six, including Cheney, outspent their opponents — yet four out of the six lost.”

The reality that people have to come to grips with is that voters are looking for people who will stand up for what it means to be an American. They are sick and tired of the Democrats acting as if they care. And any politician willing to follow their lead will lose when the votes are cast.

Cheney may have raised millions of dollars in the past several months, but she had an anti-Trump record that haunted her to the ballot box. The people noticed that she voted to impeach the former president, which was enough for them to cast their vote somewhere else.

Voters do not want to support people who are just going to support the Democrat’s march to destroy democracy. Cheney sided with the enemy and tried to oust one of the greatest presidents ever sitting in the White House.

Donald Trump still wields much influence and power within the Republican Party. People listen to what he says because he earned their trust by putting America first and his desires last. The Democrats love to put themselves first and ignore the people.

Former President Donald Trump has so much influence that a large campaign budget is insufficient to secure the top spot in a primary political race. Only those the former president will find themselves advancing and facing off against the liberal candidates.

Trump’s powerful influence is the top reason why so many Democrats retired from the House. They were afraid that they would lose reelection and end a long career in defeat. His influence is also why the liberals continue their relentless attacks against his character. They need to find a way to incriminate him to silence his influential voice.

Cheney’s hatred for the former president is growing daily. The day she lost the primary election was the day she turned her campaign into a committee tasked with opposing every effort of Trump. She turned herself into a Trump hater because she could not stand that he was right, and she missed out on the benefits of standing with him.

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