Economic Concerns Surge Amid Delta Variant

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When Joe Biden ran for president, he vowed to defeat COVID. Yet, despite all the tyrannical mandates Biden has encouraged and pushed through, the virus still remains present.

The delta variant is said to be responsible for new cases and surges of COVID. Apparently, this particular variant of the virus has an easier time withstanding the COVID vaccine as well. Many vaccinated individuals have tested positive for COVID and are not immune from transferring the virus either.

It’s because of the delta variant that the CDC recommended late last month that completely vaccinated Americans return to wearing face coverings.

Fox Business now reports that in light of the Delta variant, there are growing concerns about the economy amongst the American people.

The Great Wild Card of 2021

According to a Gallup survey put out late last week, six in ten Americans are of the view that our nation’s economy is worsening. Meanwhile, only 37% have the opposing view that the economy is getting better.

Since last month, the number of people who believe our country’s economy is worsening has increased; likewise, the Americans who viewed the U.S. economy as improving have fallen.

Over the course of this month, Independent voters and Republican voters were documented as having the most concerns about the nation’s economy. As more reports of new COVID cases emerge, some investors are now concerned about how this will impact the stock market and other parts of the economy.

Building Back Worse

When Biden campaigned for the White House and after his election, he spoke about building back better. Yet, for all of Biden’s stimulus checks and his ridiculous spending packages, the economy is not better. Biden hasn’t built back better; he’s built back worse.

The worsening nature of the economy is reflected not only via Americans’ aforementioned concerns, but also by inflation. The prices of everything have surged nationwide, yet Biden is nowhere to be seen.

This president hasn’t come out with a plan to end inflation; however, at a town hall several weeks ago, Biden suggested that even more spending was key to fixing the U.S. economy. It’s a sad reality that this president doesn’t know which way is up or down.

Now, the rest of the country has to live with his bad decisions and abysmal policies until the 2024 presidential election. If this is the damage that Biden has done in less than 8 months as president, what will America look like in three years from now?

What do you think about growing worries over the state of the economy under Biden’s watch? Do you believe the 46th president is responsible for the economic calamity currently underway here in the United States? Let us know below in the comments section.

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