Elon Musk Spars With Saudi Prince Over Billion-Dollar Offer To Buy Twitter

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The entire internet essentially crashed after news broke of Elon Musk’s billion-dollar offer to purchase 100% of Twitter and take it private.

Liberal journalists and other members of the blue-check glitterati were up in arms, troubled by the thought of a big, bad billionaire making positive strides to bring back free speech for social media users.

However, they overplayed their hand and exposed their hypocrisy and willingness to censor viewpoints not necessarily accepted in the mainstream. In their condemnation of Musk, not one Twitter blue-check noted how Jeff Bezos is the sole owner of the Washington Post or how Bill Gates is secretly buying up all the land in America.

This proves that liberals have no real ethical backbone by which they make determinations of private ownership of public services; they simply want to keep Musk out of the picture.

But why?

Well, he’s spoken on numerous occasions about Twitter’s highly-concerning habit of banning conservatives and censoring speech purely for political purposes. Musk wants to restore free access to all viewpoints on social media, a move he says is crucial in restoring democracy.

So he made a $43 billion offer to purchase 100% of Twitter and take the company private — a move that was swiftly rejected by a Saudi Prince who happens to be a major shareholder.

Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud said on Thursday that he would vote to reject Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company, which then triggered a fiery response from Musk.

“I don’t believe that the proposed offer by @elonmusk ($54.20) comes close to the intrinsic value of @Twitter given its growth prospects,” the Saudi prince tweeted. “Being one of the largest & long-term shareholders of Twitter, @Kingdom_KHC & I reject this offer.”

Musk responded to the tweet from the Saudi prince after he finished giving a TED Talk interview where he revealed that there was a “plan B” in place if Twitter rejected his offer to buy the company.

“Interesting. Just two questions, if I may,” Musk responded. “How much of Twitter does the Kingdom own, directly & indirectly? What are the Kingdom’s views on journalistic freedom of speech?”

Musk’s tweet appears to take a shot at the Kingdom after U.S. intelligence stated in a report last year that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the assassination of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Known for trolling, Musk essentially backed the Prince into a corner.

We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

Author: Asa McCue

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