Elvis Made Late-Night Calls To Actress Due To His “Sensitivity”

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Elvis Presley’s romantic comedy picture Speedway (1968) started production 56 years ago this week, in 1967.

According to an entertainment outlet, Elvis co-starred with a renowned singer’s (Frank Sinatra) daughter, Nancy Sinatra, who was an actress and Hollywood superstar in her own right.

There was something unique about Elvis and Nancy. Shortly after they met, they hit it off and began to spend a lot of their time alone behind the scenes. Their bond, however, went beyond the sexual. Recently, Nancy admitted that their relationship was genuine.

Elvis frequently contacted her late in the evening to discuss things she told a magazine outlet,  adding that their conversations were surprising given what people know about Elvis. According to Nancy, Elvis phoned her to discuss topics such as the ghetto.

The 83-year-old mentioned Elvis’ empathy for individuals in the ghetto. Those familiar with his life likely know that he was sensitive.

Their relationship wasn’t always serious. Nancy observed that they had a great time together while working on the film sets and outside of them.  Nancy mentioned that he was a person who had the ability to be both funny and serious, making him unique.  Elvis and Nancy had fun spending the rest of the filming time together, but he knew their time together needed to end.

Elvis chose to end his romance with Nancy after a few months due to her father.

Frank Sinatra’s influence extended beyond the music business and into the mafia underworld. Elvis was concerned about his friend because of his mafia affiliations.

The report shows Gary Lindberg writes in “Letters From Elvis” that he was growing frightened concerning the harsh methods of Frank Sinatra and mob connections. Toying with Frank’s daughter sounded like playing with fire, so he wrote to Montez telling him he didn’t want a casual affair with Nancy.

A report shows that on August 16th, 1977, Elvis Presley passed away in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 42. When the “King of Rock and Roll” died, his Memphis house, Graceland, was flooded by weeping fans. His heart attack, spurred on by his dependence on prescription barbiturates, was the cause of his death, according to the doctors.

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