Evil: Democrats Want To Use Taxpayer Money To Further Racial Division

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There has to be a point in time when collectively the American people say “enough is enough” with the endless woke posturing, which is now costing the taxpayer at least a hundred million dollars.

A cultural schism is forming and both sides are battling it out to win over the consciousness of the American public. Unfortunately for those on the side of Good, the Biden administration is moving full force toward a level of radicalism this country has never experienced.

Federal dollars are being allocated hand over foot for wild initiatives that make virtually zero practical sense and serve more as an opportunity to win over voters who believe centralized governments are the answer to society’s problems.

The Biden administration’s newly proposed $5.8 trillion federal budget includes massive spending increases for the Department of Education to promote “racial” diversity.

How exactly will $100 million in taxpayer dollars solve the so-called racism diversity problem you may ask?

No one really knows…

The new education allocations for fiscal year 2023 include “$100 million for a new Fostering Diverse Schools program” which will use grants to help communities “develop and implement strategies that will build more racially and socioeconomically diverse schools and classrooms, ” according to the Department of Education’s (DOE) budget summary.

What is a racially and socioeconomically diverse classroom?

Isn’t a classroom built for learning regardless of the student’s race?

The program is part of an attempt to “address the well-documented, persistent negative effects of racial isolation and concentrated poverty” through “efforts to increase school racial and socioeconomic diversity in preschool through grade 12.”

As part of the initiative, the federal government will partner with state educational agencies “that have significant achievement gaps and racial or socioeconomic segregation within or across districts.”

Another budget item allocates $1 billion for a “School-Based Health Professionals program” to support the mental health needs of students and their families “by increasing the number of counselors, nurses, and health professionals in our schools, and building the pipeline for these critical staff, with an emphasis on schools serving underserved students.”

School counselors have been criticized for using mental health initiatives to push what critics decry as the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT), including “social and emotional learning screeners,” “anti-racism practices” and “equity initiatives.”

Ah, got it. So this is about forcing students into group therapy sessions whereby adults trained at far-left universities can indoctrinate vulnerable children who’re dealing with the psychological impacts of total isolation due to a made-up China Virus pandemic in which Democrats forced them to stay home from school?

Sounds just about evil enough to come from the Biden administration!

Author: Monica Hedren

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