Exorcism Goes Wrong On Child At Bible Camp

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(ThePatriotWire)- A children’s Bible camp in Canada is under investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after a camp worker allegedly performed an exorcism on a teenage camper that left him writhing and bleeding on the floor.

Redberry Bible Camp, located in Saskatoon, confirmed to the CBC that it too is investigating the incident.

But according to the CBC, the camp worker in question, who has since been dismissed, had a long history of domestic violence, drug addiction, pornography, and previous terminations from other summer camps.

The alleged exorcism took place in July. Witnesses told the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that the camp worker gathered the campers into a cabin for a ceremony. According to an official who spoke with the CBC, when the “ceremony” concluded, the teenage camper was left on the ground twitching and bleeding from his nose.

The worker allegedly handed his business card to each of the teenage campers, ordering them to stay in contact with him for the rest of their lives because only he knows how to exorcise their demons.

Some of the teen campers reported the bizarre incident to other staffers and their parents, prompting many of the parents to remove their children from the camp.

The CBC reviewed videos and social media posts from the camp worker that revealed his violent past, his obsession with porn, and his history of abuse.

In one video, the man claimed he lost a job as a camp counselor after physically abusing his girlfriend during a “drunken cocaine party.”

The larger question is why Redberry Bible Camp didn’t properly vet this guy before hiring him.

Read the explosive report from the CBC HERE.

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