Family-Friendly Games…Involving Sex Toys??

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Oh, how far we’ve fallen in society.

And just so you don’t get the wrong idea, we are NOT sharing any family-friendly games that you can play that involve sex toys you might be hiding in your nightstand. Instead, we’ll share how liberals hosted an event that was billed as “family-friendly” only to involve sex toys.

A Florida gay pride festival was billed as “family-friendly,” which sounds odd when you’re talking about a festival dedicated to who people are romantically and sexually attracted to.

WWSB-TV reported that there was a sex-toy ring toss game that was being played. The group in charge of the game explained that it was meant to be a safe-sex discussion icebreaker.

The City of Venice, located on the Gulf side of the state, is where the event took place. And the city has also responded on Twitter to say that it was not only “very disappointed” but also “did not approve the details of these activities.”

A Libs of TikTok story emerged about the event and perhaps has hit the nail on the head: “It started out with freedom to love whomever you wanted. ‘Love is love.’ Then it was more ‘representation’ and half-naked kink parades. Now, it’s drag queen story hour in elementary schools, kid drag shows, and dildo ring toss. We’re so far down the slippery slope. Are we finally allowed to call this grooming?”

If grown adults want to play with sex toys, that’s fine. No one is saying that they cannot. However, to allow kids to play a game as innocently as ring toss with sex toys is crossing the line. No kids should be learning about dildos. It’s not about “safe sex” at that point because elementary school children shouldn’t be having sex anyway. It’s about overly sexualizing children and providing them with content that they are simply too young to understand.

The organizers of the game were CAN Community Health. This is a nonprofit that focuses on wellness, care, and treatment for those living with HIV.

Roger Capote, the organization’s VP of marketing, told the news station that he didn’t know that the event was billed as “family-friendly” and would have used a different activity. “Unfortunately, there are a lot of false accusations being made out in the community of what we were doing, but the activities we do provide and the services we provide are geared toward adults.”

It would be so easy to overlook this and pass it up as an innocent mistake if that were the only thing that wasn’t family-friendly.

Everything about the event should have been offensive to parents, whether they are in the lifestyle or not. Heterosexuals typically don’t go shoving their sexuality into the faces of their kids, so why is it acceptable for those in the LGBTQ+ community to do it?

What was considered entertainment for the kids was a drag queen dancing followed by a man coming out in a speedo. And the provocative dancing that followed looked like it belonged inside of an 18+ strip club more than anything.

Remember, most strip clubs don’t allow full nudity when alcohol is served. So, what happens at a strip club and what happened at a family-friendly event in Venice weren’t that different.
Venice Pride clearly doesn’t understand what “family-friendly” means. And we can expect the City of Venice to start looking a lot more closely at what events it will approve in the future.

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