Fauci “Covertly Contributed” a Paper He Cited as “Evidence” to Advance His Cause

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TierneyMJ / shutterstock.com
TierneyMJ / shutterstock.com

You’re probably aware by now of the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci is “The Science.” According to Fauci himself, he is the reason why so many people go into the scientific and medical fields.

People see him and realize that he is The Science and they are so inspired by him that they choose to follow in his footsteps – even though we are all just mere mortals compared to the exalted Fauci.

Since Fauci is so saintly and important, you’d think that he would also be extremely ethical when it comes to science and public health. But… you might be wrong in thinking that.

Remember that whole “theory” about the COVID-19 virus escaping from a Chinese military lab in Wuhan, which turned out to be true? Tony Fauci, of course, argued that this was a conspiracy theory, and the virus didn’t come from a lab. That was a major Democrat Party/mainstream media talking point for almost two years until it became obvious to everyone that it was a lie.

Well, it turns out that Fauci may have “covertly contributed” to a research paper that Fauci later cited as “proof” that the virus didn’t come from a lab. If true, this is about as scientifically unethical as you can get.

Newly released emails show that Anthony Fauci and others at the National Health Services secretly fed false information to the researchers which rejected “any type of laboratory-based scenario.” We’re pretty sure that science is not supposed to operate that way.

You don’t get to fabricate evidence in secret and then not disclose your role in creating that evidence when you’re citing the research as proof that your point is the correct one. Maybe The Science isn’t quite the role model that he wants everyone to believe he is.

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