FBI “Raid” Report Left Out Key Detail 

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(ThePatriotWire)- The Editor-in-Chief of Rolling Stone magazine is being accused of deliberately withholding key information from its October 24 exclusive story about the federal raid on former ABC News producer James Gordon Meek’s home last year, according to a report from NPR. 

When Rolling Stone writer Tatiana Siegel first broke the news of the April 2022 raid, her story reported that the raid was prompted by anonymous allegations that Meek had classified materials on his laptop. The report implied that the raid was possibly tied to Meek’s reporting. 

But the true reason for the raid had nothing to do with the Biden administration targeting a reporter who obtained classified information from the government. In reality, the FBI raid was due to child pornography. 

The FBI began investigating Meek after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received a tip that a Dropbox user had uploaded videos containing child pornography. Investigators tracked the user account to Meek’s Arlington, Virginia home, and in April 2022, the FBI served a warrant on the premises. 

In early February, Meek was charged with the transportation of child pornography. 

According to the Justice Department, investigators found child porn images as well as multiple chats in which users engaged in sexually explicit conversations about abusing children. 

The DOJ’s 15-page affidavit included lurid, disturbing details, including a video on his cellphone of an infant being raped. 

According to a report this week from NPR’s David Folkenflik, Siegel’s initial report included details that the raid on Meek’s home was part of a federal investigation into child pornography. But that key information was omitted when the story appeared in October. 

Sources told Folkenflik that DC attorney Mark S. Zaid contacted Rolling Stone Editor-in-Chief Noah Shachtman on Meek’s behalf while Siegel was working on her report. And when Siegel had to take time off to care for her dying mother, Shachtman changed her story hours before it went to press to remove any suggestion that the raid was not due to Meek’s reporting. 

Read Folkenflik’s full article HERE. 

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