Florida Republicans Well Positioned to Win Re-election

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Over the past several months, the state of Florida has gained national attention. Florida has led the nation in taking a balanced approach to COVID and not trampling all over people’s rights. The fact that Florida remains a free state is why thousands of people per day are relocating there.

However, these very same reasons have put Florida in the line of fire form leftists. Leftists despise freedom in Florida; if the left had in their way, every state in America would be like New York and California where proof of COVID vaccination is mandatory to enter public, indoor spaces.

On multiple occasions, President Biden has chosen to pick fights with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. However, despite the attacks against Florida coming from the left, both Governor DeSantis and Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio are very well positioned to win re-election, as Breitbart News confirms.

Keeping Florida Great by Re-electing Republican Leaders

A Susquehanna poll conducted this month shows that both DeSantis and Rubio are leading Democrats who aspire to take their current positions. This news indicates that while Florida has long been viewed as a swing state, it’s getting redder and redder.

Right now, Florida agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried and Rep. Charlie Crist are the two Democrats aiming to become the next governor of the Sunshine State. However, DeSantis leads Fried by ten points and Crist by three points. These numbers are very clear; the majority of Floridians like having DeSantis as their governor.

A similar situation is applicable to Sen. Marco Rubio as well. Rep. Val Demings is a Democrat seeking to oust Rubio from his current Senate seat; however, Rubio leads Demings by 11 points. Like DeSantis, it’s very clear that more Floridians favor Rubio over Demings.

Florida: the Freedom State

Governor DeSantis and Sen. Rubio are both strong conservatives who stand for good principles and freedoms. The Democrats seeking to replace them in government would only bring in mandates, tyranny, and control.

Handing over Florida to the Democrats would ruin a great state, turning it into New York 2.0. Many Floridians are very much aware of this; it explains why DeSantis and Rubio are leading their leftist challengers and expected to win re-election when the time comes.

Despite the leftist attacks against the state of Florida, it is very clear that Floridians favor freedom and leaders who defend freedom. If the newest poll is any indication, this won’t be changing anytime soon.

What do you think about news that Florida Republicans are highly likely to win re-election? Do you believe Florida is transitioning from a swing state to a reliably red state? Let us know your insight on these latest developments in the section for comments below.

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