Food and Drug Administration Under Audit over Why All the Baby Food Has Disappeared

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The lack of baby formula has a lot of people concerned that children are going to start suffering from starvation if something is not done to correct the problem. The shortage of food can be traced back to Joe Biden and his lack of research before deciding to ship all the formulas to the southern border. He failed to put America first as he catered to the needs of migrants trying to slip into the country illegally.

The Abbott Nutrition Sturgis plant had suffered a significant recall which strained the supply of formula to the country. The remaining cans were just enough to provide formula to American children, but that all changed when Biden recklessly took what was there and shipped it all south. Biden should have realized that the timing of his decision to feed illegals was not well-planned out.

The president will never accept any part of the issue as his fault. Instead, he would rather blame others for his dangerous decisions.

The Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General is now looking into the issue by performing an audit on the Food and Drug Administration. The purpose of the audit is to see if the response by the FDA was enough or not.

The plant was shut down in response to several deaths that were thought to be linked to the formula. The initial report was that a deadly bacterium was found within the plant, and it had corrupted the formula.

The public needs to know that food is prepared in safe and healthy plants. The Food and Drug Administration is supposed to be that entity that guarantees safe practices when food is being prepared. But the bacteria issue has caused many to lose faith in the organization as this is not the first time the formula plant has come under scrutiny.

The audit is being performed to ensure that the FDA is acting responsibly. Newsbreak reported that “The FDA found sanitation issues at Abbott’s Sturgis plant in September 2021, saying it ‘did not maintain a building used in manufacturing, processing, packing or holding infant formula in a clean and sanitary condition,’ according to an inspection report.”

The bacteria were found early in the year, and it would take well over another month for the recall to be issued. There was a lag time between discovering the bacteria and recalling all formulas produced at the plant.

The recall would cut the supplied formula in the United States. Joe Biden’s part would come into play when he would ignorantly call to ship baby formula to the south without checking on the supply status. Instead of putting Americans first, the old man recklessly emptied the shelves to aid illegals. He should have done his research and opened the plant before helping the invaders.

The only people hurt by Biden’s incompetence are those that need the formula to feed their infants. The FDA could have spoken out against Biden’s decision to ship formula south. And the audit should help identify any of those issues dealing with communication.

The FDA is supposed to focus on safety, not politics. But when Democrats get control of the entities that help keep people safe, it becomes hard to trust anything they may claim.

The FDA has singled out that it will cooperate with the audit. They know that it must be done for the public to have faith in the organization’s ability to respond to dangers related to food consumption.

The audit will focus heavily on the FDA, which is not fair considering Joe Biden has a lot to do with the shortages plaguing the country. The president should have never shipped formula to the south. And he should have never asked for help from other European nations. America can feed its people. All that is needed is for its leaders to step up and put America first.

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