Forget Conversations, Democrats Will Go Straight for a Chokehold

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Remember when it was possible to talk to people who had differing opinions? Each person’s thoughts and comments were respected. A back-and-forth conversation with varying views was possible. It made it possible to understand where both parties were coming from. It meant that there was unity – and that negotiating for common ground was entirely possible.

That’s not what happens in Biden’s America. The left has decided that they don’t want to hear differing views – and if they hear such views, they cannot act in a rational way. Instead, they’ll go straight for the chokehold.

Make no mistake. The Democratic Party is violent. They simply cannot accept that someone has a different view.

And this was on full display during a Kathy Hochul rally in New York this past weekend.

Angelica Torres is a Republican who wanted to exercise her First Amendment right to peacefully protest and ensure that her voice was heard. She was not saying or doing anything to anyone. She simply showed up at an event that was being held for Democratic governor Kathy Hochul.

Torres held a sign that was anti-Hochul outside of the Stonewall Inn.

That’s when an unidentified woman (who “might have been a man”) stole her sign and through it, based on what Torres told Fox News. That’s when another man grabbed Torres by the throat and Democratic Councilwoman Crystal Hudson held her by the arm.

Let’s be clear: this is an attack. It is physical assault, and Torres did nothing but hold a sign that people found to be offensive.

Torres talked about how polarizing politics have become, making the comment that “We can’t have civil conversations.”

Imagine if a Democrat had stood at a Republican rally and someone had attacked the Democrat. It would have been splashed about every newspaper about how violent the right is and how they must be stopped.

The Democrats have created an entirely different playbook for themselves. They think that they are above the law and that whatever they want to do and say is completely acceptable. Yet, they don’t allow this same level of free thinking to be applied to the left.

A woman was actually placed into a chokehold while a city councilwoman held her arm simply because she held a sign that was going against the Democratic candidate for governor.
And per usual, the Democrats say nothing about the event.

Zeldin, the Republican candidate for governor, denounced the incident the moment that he heard about it. As for Hochul, she’s been silent on the event. Zeldin called her out to denounce the violence, but she chose not to – and that, as Zeldin tweeted, makes her “complicit in the attack.”

This follows the trend, though. Most Democrats aren’t denouncing the violence. Look at how many violent protests happened on the front lawns of Supreme Court justices. Justice Kavanagh was almost kidnapped, and Biden still chose not to speak out to denounce the violence.

And when people are refusing to denounce the violence, that only adds fuel to the fire. If people think they can get away with it, the violence will continue – and that’s where so many liberal cities have gone wrong. They ignore the violence because they believe that people are entitled to express themselves in any way possible – as long as it’s going to push the leftist agenda forward.

Realistically, only people on the right end up getting in trouble these days.

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