Gun Carrying Americans: The Number Is Growing

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There’s a lot happening in the US, and it can be a scary place.

There were BLM riots in the streets throughout the summer of 2020. Shootings happen in more and more places – schools, theaters, churches, and even fairs. And then, there are always the criminals who will use guns as a way to commit all sorts of other crimes.

The liberal cities seem to want to focus on taking away guns from those who are following the rules. Meanwhile, criminals get to continue to commit crimes – and they’re the ones who are ignoring all of the gun laws.

Some enlightening numbers have come out in a study that was published on November 16 by the American Journal of Public Health. The number of Americans carrying a loaded handgun has doubled in the past four years. 6 million Americans identified that they were carrying a loaded gun in 2019 in comparison to only 3 million back in 2015. And it’s likely that number is even higher in 2022.

That’s not all that the study showed, either.

More people are choosing to own (and carry) a gun for the purpose of personal protection. Years ago, people owned guns solely for hunting.

The study had this to say: “Of handgun owners who carried, 4 in 5 carried primarily for protection, 4 in 5 had a concealed carry permit, 2 in 3 always carried concealed, and 1 in 10 always carried openly.”

What does that say about America? Well, you can deduce what you want. However, it seems that more people feel as though they need to carry. Protect yourself because the government can’t…or won’t.

It’s a scary place out there.

The study went on to say that “As personal protection became the predominant motivation for owning firearms, handgun ownership increased disproportionately from 64% in 1994 to 83% in 2021.”
And to think that the left is trying to take our Second Amendment rights away. That means that only the criminals would have guns. Doesn’t seem like a fair fight, does it?

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