Hare-Raising: Joe Biden Shows Serious Decline During Easter Event

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The Biden presidency is chock full of outrageous moments.

Our cognitively deficient president has graced the American public with a growing list of hilarious gaffes, missteps, and nonsequiturs that it hardly comes as a shock when Joe Biden slips up.

Between his fake White House set, constantly referring to Kamala as President, forgetting who his wife is, shaking hands with a ghost — the list goes on and on. However, nothing (and we mean nothing) is more shocking than this.

In a hare-raising moment during a White House Easter celebration, one of Joe Biden’s handlers disguised as the Easter Bunny interrupted the aging President during an off-the-cuff session with reporters.

Biden began to speak about Afghanistan and Pakistan when he was interrupted by the Easter Bunny at a White House event. The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan marked the beginning of the president’s slide in the polls.

Republicans began circulating the clip on Twitter, suggesting that the Easter Bunny was actually one of Biden’s advisers disguised to prevent him from slipping up again.

Recently, Biden administration officials have been forced to clean up after the cognitively deficient president. He’s made a series of mistakes regarding America’s stance on foreign policy and has even ramped up war rhetoric with Vladimir Putin.

Sleepy Joe cannot stand to undergo another off-the-cuff scandal, especially given his plummeting approval rating amid a nationwide inflationary crisis. Republicans are predicted to trounce the Democrats come November, which also adds to White House pressure to reign Biden in and mitigate his public speaking engagements.

All jokes aside, it’s actually quite shocking that the American President now requires disguised handlers to direct his movements in public. Biden’s mental state is in such decline, and his presidency is in such turmoil that Democrats simply cannot politically afford for him to mess up again.

It’s quite possible that Secret Service agents and other White House officials have disguised themselves in past administrations to protect the Commander in Chief, but never before has the job been so crucial to national security.

We’re on the brink of a war Joe Biden is not capable of winning.

Author: Asa McCue

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