Has Marjorie Taylor Greene Resorted to Violence Regarding Gun Control?

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, commonly referred to as MTG, is one of the more outspoken GOP Representatives. She represents the 14th congressional district of Georgia and doesn’t beat around the bush when there’s something on her mind.

She’s often in Trump’s corner. And much of the liberal media considers her to be a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Regardless of how the left may view her, she was voted into office – and she will make sure that she’s representing the voice of the people.

As a Representative for a red state, she wants to make sure that people hold onto their Second Amendment rights. She believes everyone has the right to own a gun – and defend themselves, as necessary.

Recently, however, she seems to have dealt with a bit more aggression than she’s used to. And the liberal media has been going crazy, saying that she kicked a gun control activist.
Did she do what the media is accusing her of? Let’s dig in a bit…

Following a press conference, there were activists from “Voters of Tomorrow” who questioned MTG regarding gun violence.

Greene shared a video on Twitter about some of the questions she was being asked. She commented, “These foolish cowards want the government to take away guns & the rights of parents to defend their children in schools.” She went on to say that “you’d have to be an idiot” to think that gun control could lead to a utopian society.
The reality is that criminals will never choose to disarm themselves and start obeying the law.

Within about a minute into the video, it appears as though the Congresswoman kicks an activist by the name of Marianna Pecora, who walked in front of her.
Pecora is heard saying “Oh my god” as she stumbles forward.

MTG said “excuse me” but then it appears as though the action is repeated – and with another stumble from Pecora.

One of the men escorting Greene explains, “You’re blocking a member of Congress. You can’t block members of Congress.”

Pecora was outraged and even shared the video that MTG posted, questioning whether the Representative tweeted a video where she can be found kicking her.
The video on Twitter is actually quite clear about what’s happening, and you can watch it here:

MTG is walking and talking the whole time. A few activists are asking her questions. Pecora nearly stops in front of the congresswoman. Greene keeps walking and is almost on her heels. She could have stopped, but the reality is that she’s been walking and talking the entire time. It was up to Pecora to have picked up the pace. And Greene kept saying “Excuse me, excuse me.”
Was it a kick? Absolutely not. She may have stepped on her heels at the very most.

Of course, that’s not how Pecora or the media have viewed it. Lawyers are involved. And some of the liberals out there are crying that the congresswoman should be charged with assault and battery.

It’s ridiculous, and it shows that there’s always a completely different set of rules for the Republicans versus the Democrats. Had AOC stepped on the heels of an activist, nothing would have been said – and the liberal media would have applauded the Representative for taking such bold actions.

Watch the video for yourself so that you can see if MGT attacked the activist and kicked her or simply kept walking as she’d been doing all along.

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