Housing Market Could be Hit Hard by Supply Chain Crisis

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The supply chain shortage is yet another massive problem to be thrust upon the country with Biden as president. As bottlenecks clog up ports and shortages continue, the Biden administration has nothing but flimsy excuses.

Recently, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg lied through his teeth, chalking up the supply chain crisis as merely an offshoot of high demand for various goods. However, Buttigieg also didn’t hesitate to confirm these problems will maintain into 2022.

This is bad news. The supply chain crisis has merely worsened the already-existing economic disaster. It’s the last thing Americans need. As this crisis persists, it’s getting harder and harder for grocery stores to remain readily stocked.

Now, the National Association of Home Buyers has revealed Biden’s supply chain crisis could have dangerous impacts on the housing market, per Breitbart News.

The Warning from the National Association of Home Buyers

CEO Jerry Howard explained the implications of this crisis while speaking with Fox Business. According to Howard, home prices could increase by multiple thousands of dollars if the supply chain crisis remains ongoing.

The National Association of Home Buyers CEO also detailed that prices for lumber, drywall, concrete, and more are set to go up if the current pattern continues. With the way the supply chain is looking right now, there could be three-to-four-month hold-ups on builders being able to get these products in order to build homes.

Howard then warned “time is money” and longer delays will only lead to higher fees for people shopping in the housing market. The CEO noted this comes on top of already existing high prices in the market; some buyers have been paying three and four times the original asking prices in order to purchase homes.

Another Crisis Under the Biden Administration

The above remarks already indicate the housing market could turn into yet another crisis under the Biden administration. The reality is that while this White House and its officials peddle excuses, the American people are suffering.

Thus far, the Biden administration has been defined by a series of crises that they later try to spin as no big deal. The buck stops here, though. When Trump was president, supply chain problems, inflation, open borders, and other issues were not present.

Biden continues to prove to America that he has no clue what he’s doing, nor should he be in office. Wednesday will mark nine full months since Biden got into office. No one is better off for it and the country is certainly in a worse position than it was one year ago.

Are you worried about the impacts the supply chain crisis will have on the housing market in America? Share your views below in the comments area.

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