Huge “Standing” Decision In Kari Lake Legal Battle

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(ThePatriotWire)- In October, a critical Georgia Supreme Court ruling gave Georgia voters standing to sue in the state without sustaining an individual injury.

According to a report, Justice Peterson of the Georgia Supreme Court stated that plaintiffs with a cognizable injury are permitted to file suit in Georgia courts. However, unlike federal law, this injury need not always be to one individual. Sometimes it can be a community-wide grievance, especially among residents, taxpayers, voters, or citizens.

The decision would reinstate’s standing in its ongoing effort to unseal the 2020 election ballots in Fulton County, Georgia.

Another report showed that on November 21, 2022, a federal court ruled that recent and future congressional candidates had the standing to challenge the constitutionality of California’s election laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.

The Ninth Circuit has ruled that Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa), James Bradley (US Senate Candidate, Co-Lead Plaintiff), and recent and future congressional candidates have the standing to challenge the constitutionality of California’s election laws, regulations, policies, and procedures that have weakened or eliminated election integrity.

EIPCa contends that state legislators do not have unfettered authority to pass laws that diminish the value of lawfully cast ballots, even though the Constitution grants them the authority to pass laws governing election management and ballot processing. The case was remanded to the lower court for discovery, the next phase of the litigation.

Linda Paine, President of EIPCa, stated that for more than a decade, Election Integrity Project California has researched and documented every aspect of California’s election process and identified how these laws transformed the traditional Election Day into a 60-day election season riddled with easily manipulable procedures. California-style laws are causing the same problems in states across the country that EIPCa-trained observers in California have observed and documented for years.

According to reports, the case not only revitalizes the EIPCa’s efforts to clean up California’s corrupt election law, but it may also provide standing to other candidates in America who challenge election laws.

Lake v. Hobbs has an appeal pending in the same Ninth Circuit. The case was dismissed in August 2022 due to lack of standing because they articulated only speculative allegations of potential injuries that are barred by the Eleventh Amendment in any event, and they sought relief that the Court cannot grant under the Purcell principle.

The Lake v. Hobbs case may have played a significant role in ensuring the election was secure and fair in the General Election of 2022, which is predicted to be marred by widespread machine failure or manipulation. Hopefully, the Lake Campaign will finally have a chance to make its case in a court of law.  Additionally, the EIP has raised grave concerns about Nevada’s voter rolls.

There are concerns like these all across America.

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