Insurrection: Chief Justice Launches Investigation Into SCOTUS Leaker

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What we have on our hands is a coup d’état, plain and simple.

The person responsible for leaking confidential court information alluding to the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade should be investigated with the same fervor as those who participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol protest.

What’s the difference between both of these crimes?

If the Democrats still stand behind their claim that 1/6 protestors attempted to overthrow democracy based on a decision they did not believe was legitimate, then how can they stand behind whoever leaked the Roe v. Wade draft?

As a result of the leak, the entirety of liberal America has completely lost their minds.

Calls to overthrow the government, murdering of Republicans, expanding and/or abolishing courts, fantastical comparisons of women to slaves — and that was just on Tuesday.

The Supreme Court finally broke its silence after the leak of a draft opinion that signals a glorious end of Roe v. Wade. Chief Justice John Roberts said in a written statement that an investigation has been ordered into how the leak was published.

In a statement, the court confirmed the draft that was leaked is “authentic” but stressed it does “not represent a decision by the Court.”

“Although the document described in yesterday’s reports is authentic, it does not represent a decision by the Court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case,” he wrote.

Roberts, in a separate statement, decried the “betrayal” of a leak designed to “undermine the integrity” of the court and added that he had instructed the marshal of the court to launch an investigation into the leak.

Despite Roberts’s grave concerns over the leaked draft opinion, he said the high court work “will not be affected in any way,” noting it was a “singular and egregious breach” intended to sow distrust among the “community of public servants who work here.”

Without knowing who leaked the draft and why it’s impossible to surmise what their true intentions were.

However, it’s quite evident that the intended consequences of leaking confidential Supreme Court information are fully underway. Progressive politicians are scurrying to federally codify all access to abortion, far-left lawmakers are calling for immediate expansion of the court, and there is a general crazed feeling of hysteria amongst liberals in America.

This was all done by design in an effort to browbeat conservative Justices into changing their decision.

In other words, an insurrection.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth

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