Joe Biden Is Threatening To Ban Handguns Now

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(ThePatriotWire)- In remarks to reporters on the South Lawn last week, President Joe Biden hinted that he wanted to outlaw “high caliber” 9mm pistols.

Reports of the South Lawn presser show that President Biden suggested he wants to ban “high caliber” 9mm handguns. Biden also claimed a doctor once showed him an X-ray of a 22-caliber bullet lodged in a lung. He alleged the doctor said he could pull the bullet out and perhaps save a life.  Biden then claimed that a lung could be blown out of the body by a 9mm round.  Biden then wrongly stated The Second Amendment was never absolute.

In the aftermath of a revived public debate over gun regulation, Dave Workman, senior editor at the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), pushed back on Biden’s statements concerning weapons.

During a radio interview, Dave Workman stated that Biden has no knowledge of weapons and hasn’t the foggiest idea about ballistics or anything related to firearms. Workman defined a 9mm handgun as a mid-caliber firearm, which is a more realistic definition than an ‘assault weapon.’

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) provides awareness of the Constitutional right to own and possess weapons privately. Educational and legal action activities are held by the group in order to better enlighten the public about the gun control debate.

Workman explained that 9mm handguns are used by almost all law enforcement departments. The FBI also uses them. The 9mm caliber is commonly regarded as a purely defensive round.  The 9mm is the most common caliber utilized by tens of millions of people for personal protection and home defense in America.

According to Workman, mid-caliber guns such as semi-automatic rifles are still needed by homeowners for target shooting, predator control, and eradicating invasive creatures and vermin. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Workman concluded by suggesting Joe Biden perpetuates fear-mongering and falsehoods, and what concerns him is that he most likely believes them. President Biden has no clue about historical facts.








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