Just Kill Me…One Man’s Plea to Avoid Being Homeless

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Being homeless is degrading. And once a person finds themselves out on the streets, it can be that much more difficult to get out of the situation. You need an address to get a job – and you need a job to earn money.

Combine that with the high cost of rent these days and a person might as well not even exist.

That brings us to what one man is faced with in Canada. Amir Farsoud is a 54-year-old who lives with chronic back pain from an injury that was suffered several years ago. He’s a resident of Ontario and is applying for taxpayer-funded and state-administered euthanasia. It is often referred to as MAID – medical assistance in dying.

To make it simple, the man is asking the government to kill him so that he doesn’t end up homeless and, in more pain, than he’s already in. He’s described the pain as leaving him “Crying like a 5-year-old.” And with an inability to work while he’s dealing with the pain, bills are most likely adding up quickly.

It isn’t the pain that prompted the request. Farsoud told CityNews that it’s actually the idea of being homeless. He doesn’t want to be like the increasing number of people living in a tent on the side of the street. “I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die.”

Obviously, Canada is dealing with many of the same problems as Americans.

Farsoud is already living on social assistance. He’s in a rooming house that he shares with two other people. The problem is that the house is up for sale. With today’s competitive real estate market, it’s likely to be sold quickly. That would mean he’d have to move – and he has significant doubts that he’ll be able to find another place that he can afford.

Living out on the streets can be brutal – and many who are homeless experience a number of health problems. The reasons are simple – no access to the standards of living that most of us deem ordinary like access to showers and toilets. And with the cold Ontario winter fast approaching, it’s understandable that Farsoud is getting nervous about his options.

He explains, “I know, in my present health condition, I wouldn’t survive it anyway. It wouldn’t be at all dignified waiting, so if that becomes my two options, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.”

Imagine being so disappointed by the state of the economy that you’re asking to be euthanized. At this point, he doesn’t even believe being offered stable housing would convince him to forego his request.

In 2015, the supreme court of Canada decided to unanimously allow doctors to assist patients if they wish to kill themselves. And in 2016, Trudeau passed the Medical Assistance in Dying Act. It’s now a practice that is legal across the country.

Please, don’t let AOC and the rest of the Squad hear what is going on in Canada. Suddenly, a similar bill in Congress will be passed and that will be their solution to reducing homelessness. They’ll just offer people the option to kill themselves. When many of the homeless and criminally insane are given the option, we’ll suddenly see mass amounts of euthanasia.

The Democrats have enough blood on their hands for a lifetime with promoting abortion. The last thing we need is to legalize euthanasia.

Yet, as one man sees the writing on the wall in today’s economic climate, what really is the better option? Would you choose death or homelessness?

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