Kamala Laughs Her Way Through Press Conference As Europe Crumbles

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Many of us are not too old to remember when Democrats incessantly made fun of former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The vitriol from Democrats was constant and harsh, referring to Palin as “stupid” as she became the butt of every joke on late night television and sketch comedy shows.

Meanwhile, our current Vice President is noticeably less gifted than Palin at speaking publicly and is consistently making a fool of herself and a fool of America during every public outing in every foreign country she visits.

Kamala Harris proves that diversity hires using affirmative action hardly ever materialize into suitable employees or public servants or, in this case, Vice Presidents.

Joe Biden often hands off his presidential duties to his subordinate as an opportunity to demonstrate to Americans some sort of competency, yet each and every time Kamala opens her mouth it ends in noticeably failure.

Kamala’s signature giggle has caught the ire of most voters especially when it’s utilized during moments of utmost seriousness, like the war in Ukraine.

On Thursday, the affirmative actioned Vice President brought out her awkward giggle when asked about the Ukrainian refugee crisis during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw.

In Warsaw, Kamala received a question from a reporter who asked what the United States plan to do in regards to the refugee crisis created by Putin’s invasion into Ukraine. She asked if any permanent infrastructure was in the works to support the now-millions of refugees fleeing Ukraine. The reporter also asked Duda whether he’s asked the U.S. to accept more refugees, after which Harris started laughing.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed,” Harris giggled, unable to help herself, before Duda answered the question.


Duda said he had asked the U.S. to speed up its approval of refugees who have family in America and to take in some of the refugees who have come into his country.

Harris could barely give an answer that made sense to anyone listening. She did not commit the U.S. to a certain amount of refugees, but she said the country would extend visas for Ukrainians already on a visa in the U.S. that would otherwise expire.


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24 and is beginning its third week. More than 2 million people have fled the country, with over half residing in Poland. The fighting has resulted in the deaths of an estimated 500 civilians.

The United States is no longer sending its best…

Author: Monica Hedren

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