Kansas Goes Pro-Abortion in a Red State

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Kansas has been consistently red for a while now. That would leave us to believe that they have conservative values. It would mean that most in the state would not want to kill an unborn child simply because it suits the mother.

That’s not the case, which means we have to watch what’s going on in Kansas a bit more closely.

Liberals across the country are celebrating because of what Kansas voters were able to accomplish in the polls. There was a resounding decision NOT to remove the right to abortion from the state constitution.

This is a huge victory for the abortion rights movement, especially since it is in one of the more reliably red states in the U.S.

As the New York Times reported, “The defeat of the ballot referendum was the most tangible demonstration yet of a political backlash against the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that had protected abortion rights throughout the country.”

The margin of the decision isn’t even left up for debate. It is clear. The people have spoken. 59% were in favor of allowing the right to abortion.

Rachel Sweet, the campaign manager for Kansans for Constitutional Freedom said, “the voters in Kansas have spoken loud and clear: We will not tolerate extreme bans on abortion.”

This speaks more about the misinformation than anything else, however,

The overturning of Roe v. Wade simply put the decisions back to the states instead of within the federal government. Further, abortions are still legal everywhere – as long as it is performed before the heartbeat is detected or when a doctor deems that it is medically necessary for the health of the mother.

Too many women screaming about an extreme ban on abortion believe that they cannot make the decision. They believe that they would be forced to carry a child to term, even if it kills them. This is simply not the case anywhere.

It is all about giving the fetus rights. An unborn child cannot speak for itself. Once there is a heartbeat, it is a living entity that deserves to have rights. And yet, the liberals are forcing those rights to be eliminated.

It is why so many liberals refuse to answer the question as to how long they support abortion. First trimester? Second trimester? At the point in which the fetus is completely viable in the outside world?

If it is all about giving the mother the right to choose, then it would be rational to assume that they’d be okay with the fetus being killed even in the third trimester. That’s not a right to choose at that point – it’s murder.

The liberals have been able to win with their misinformation campaigns to the point that conservatives have voted to allow the right to an abortion to stay within their state constitution.

Sweet told supporters that it was possible to work across partisan lines – and that’s exactly what happened in order for Kansas abortion activists to gain this victory.

Republicans outnumber Democrats in Kansas consistently. And abortion rights activists were appealing to center-right voters along with unaffiliated voters.

Interviews conducted over the past few weeks showed that there were registered Republicans who opposed the amendment.

Abortion is legal in Kansas now – at least up until 22 weeks of pregnancy. There is a heartbeat, but the fetus wouldn’t be viable in the outside world.

It’s definitely a setback, but the midterms are just around the corner. Hopefully, those who support abortion rights aren’t about to make so many changes that the state flips from red to blue.

As Republican Barbara Grigar defends her vote, “Choice is every woman’s choice, and not the government’s.”

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