Kanye West Faces Permanent Ban From Venice Boats

by admin

One of Venice’s most prominent boat firms, Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, has barred singer Kanye West and his common-law wife Bianca Censori from using their services. Last month, the pair was spotted on the exclusive boat cruising through the famous canals of Venice, with him displaying his buttocks. Bianca Censori, his “wife,” was “nestling with her head on his lap” throughout the trip. The assumption was that she was performing a sex act on West.

The premium Venezia Turismo Motoscafi boat company’s Italian owners are “furious” that the indecent behavior took place on one of their boats and have banned the two permanently. A representative for the firm said the crew had no idea what the two were doing since the captain was focused on the water. He would have gotten off to report the violators to the proper authorities if he had, though.

In the months after West’s divorce from Kim Kardashian was completed, he and Censori have been said to have exchanged in a non-binding ceremony earlier this year. The “Buttocks Crucifix Body Tape” attire that Censori wore in May sparked online outrage.

According to the Italian Constitutional Court, the maximum penalty for “public obscenity” is $338, and online critics claimed that Kanye’s flesh-baring show qualified. Users have voiced concerns that the risqué display is offensive to those living in the primarily Catholic country, while others have wondered whether it is evidence that the rapper is ‘controlling’ Bianca.

While on vacation in Italy, West and Censori have angered residents with their eccentric clothing choices, with many pointing the blame at Censori for allegedly “walking about almost nude” in the traditionally Catholic nation. The brunette has worn see-through mesh clothes on many occasions, including one astonishing nude catsuit that left her nipples exposed until she hid them with a black cross-body bag.

It’s unclear if West or Censori will be penalized in any way for their recent outrageous behavior.

In January of 2023, only a few months after his divorce, the fashion designer began romantically linking with his new muse. In January, around two months after the rapper’s divorce from Kim Kardashian was completed, he and the reality star tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Beverly Hills. However, the legitimacy of their marriage is in dispute since they never submitted a marriage license.

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