Leaked Phone Call Of Cellmate Implicates Democrat Of Using “Sleepers” To Infiltrate The GOP

by admin

(ThePatriotWire)- This week, Project Veritas released audio of a phone call with South Carolina Democrat Senate candidate Krystle Matthews discussing running “sleeper” Republican candidates using money from illegal drug sales.

Democrats have been spending money to promote Republican candidates they know will lose in November to undermine the GOP’s chances in the midterms. From the audio of this call, it appears Krystle Matthews wanted to go the extra mile by simply running Democrats posing as Republicans instead.

In the recording, Matthews is allegedly speaking with an inmate from Perry County Correctional Institution about getting “secret sleepers,” Democrats that can run as Republicans. She said the only way to “change the dynamics in South Carolina” is to have these fake Republicans run in local elections and win.

She tells the inmate that if they can “get enough of us in there,” they can “wreak havoc from the inside out.”

She then suggests using “dope money” to illegally fund these phony Republican candidates’ campaigns.

Now, do you want the horrifying news?

On Tuesday, Krystle Matthews won the Democrat Senate Primary in South Carolina with 55.63 percent of the vote.

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