Lefty Comedian Turns Back On Democrats In Viral Interview

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The Left relies on the naivety of university students to recruit and train their shock troops. That’s the only way anyone with a brain will voluntarily join their side, especially as their clown world becomes all-encompassing and inescapable.

Liberals famous for their left-of-center hot takes have begun jumping ship like never before, scratching their heads in amazement of how ridiculous the Left has become.

Bill Maher, perhaps the most famous liberal in American show business, is the most recent convert to “normal” thinking after questioning the left’s insane wokeism.

The Comedian and talk show host appeared on podcaster Joe Rogan’s program this week, claiming that people are searching for common sense amid a crazy present-day political stage.

Maher joined Rogan on Tuesday to discuss recent criticism he’s received from the Left, who now call him “conservative” for not playing along with radical woke policy.

The two talk show hosts discussed woke culture and how the Left and Democrats have made them look “more conservative.”

“People say to me, ‘Don’t you think you’ve gotten more conservative?’ No, I haven’t,” Maher said. The Left has gotten goofier. So, I seem more conservative, maybe. But like, it’s not me who changed. I feel I’m the same guy.”

Rogan agreed as the two mentioned that people are desperate for common sense amid debates over topics such as “pregnant men” and “abolishing the police.”

Rogan told Maher that he appreciated his ability to be a “normal person who cares about people’s rights and wants a certain amount of freedom,” adding that that is “what it means, to me, to be liberal.”

The two also discussed how corporations, such as Disney, are making headlines. Maher described Disney’s recent battle against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his Parent Rights in Education Act as “leaning into woke hardcore.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to be swayed by the exact group of people Maher discussed on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Not only more high-profile liberals speak out against the unprecedented level of clownery infecting our society will anything be rectified, and not in the polite manner in which Maher is approaching the Left.

Author: Ann Taylor

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