Martha’s Vineyard’s Illegal Immigrants Are Now Being Hidden Away on a Military Base in MA

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Michael Sean OLeary /

The illegal immigrants first made notorious by FL Governor Ron DeSantis have had an interesting journey since they left Venezuela.

First arriving in Texas in San Antonio, this group was offered an opportunity to go to Massachusetts, and they took it. Quickly, they were whisked away by plane to the Florida panhandle for a brief layover. While there, they were handed maps, and off to Martha’s Vineyard they went. It was there where the group was suddenly in the spotlight, and now they are on Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC).

The residents of Martha’s Vineyard were surprised by the arrival of their town’s new guests. Yet, the town quickly rallied around them to get them put up in a church and ready to go to the next step in their lives. However, that stay was only overnight. The following day, the MA National Guard had been called in to get them off the island immediately. While they were able to get them food that was fitting with their typical diets, the town did not want their presence to be sustained. Thus, off to the base they went.

Since declaring themselves a “Sanctuary City,” Martha’s Vineyard has openly admitted that they would take in any illegal immigrants and provide them options. So, Governor DeSantis decided to call their bluff. Given the large influx of illegal immigrants the southern border states like Texas, Arizona, and even Florida face, it’s not unreasonable for them to request the other states share in this burden.

What is unreasonable is using a military base to house the illegals less than 48 hours after they arrived in your town. While MA officials have maintained that they had no notice of the plans to bring them there, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) did the same thing border states do when they have this kind of influx; adjust fire and make things happen.

A spokesman for MEMA stated “The dormitory-style space at JBCC allows organizers to create specific housing areas for families, who will remain together as a unit, women, and any person with specific needs including medical care. Dedicated space for these groups ensures their continued safety, security, and privacy.” With all their basic needs being met, and not being given legal assistance, the state reacted when their luxurious high-roller island couldn’t cope with the basics.

They got a taste of freedom as they chose to move to Martha’s Vineyard. Now, they have already been stripped of that basic American right by being moved to JBCC. Having them confined to the base means that unlike in NYC or Chicago, they cannot move as freely as they like. This is not much better than the leftist’s favorite talking point of kids in cages.

Reports have also come in of them being provided their first American lie. Allegedly they were promised a straight path to citizenship, jobs, and housing if they took the Martha’s Vineyard flight. So far, none of that has been fully confirmed by either side of the debate.

No matter how Gov. Abbot of Texas or Gov. DeSantis of Florida tries to explain this to people, very few will understand the pure genius of this decision. The number of people flooding the Texas border has been tremendous. Many are claiming “asylum” even though they had numerous safe countries to stop at between Venezuela and Texas, and that is the international rule of law on the subject.

By putting them on Martha’s Vineyard, they allowed these virtue-signaling elitists to have a taste of the very medicine they were trying to shove down the mouths of those in border states. Now, they have just a hint of what it’s like, and the worst part of it all is that this was just 50 illegal immigrants. Not the 500 many towns receive a day. God knows JBCC couldn’t handle that kind of influx much less Martha’s Vineyard at the end of the summer season.

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