Megyn Kelly Reports “Destruction Campaign” Against Tucker Carlson

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Megyn Kelly, a former host on Fox News, has once again come out swinging to protect Tucker Carlson from what she calls Fox News’s “destruction campaign” of leaks.

Kelly called Fox’s VP of communications, Irena Briganti, the target of a “destruction campaign.”

Kelly, who has defended Carlson since his ouster last week, said as much on a podcast episode of her show that aired on Tuesday. She said she didn’t think it was enough for them to let go of their biggest celebrity. She said that Fox is actively working to sabotage Tucker Carlson’s job prospects as part of an ongoing orchestrated campaign to damage him.

She said Fox News appears dead set on destroying him; they want to discredit him, make him unhirable, and, ideally, turn his audience against him so they won’t follow him wherever he goes.

Regarding Irena Briganti, Kelly said the media is to blame for letting Briganti, head of Fox’s terrible communications department, and her supervisors get away with it.

Kelly said Briganti really despises him, and she knows it.

Briganti flatly disputed the charges, writing, “This is completely false and an outright lie.”

Briganti is one of the primary executives who have survived Roger Ailes’ long reign at Fox, even though many women have come forward to accuse wrongdoing at the network and have subsequently been vilified in the press via “leaks.”

According to a 2016 article published in New York Magazine, “Fox anchors and producers live in fear of crossing Briganti,” notorious for leaking unflattering personal tales about Fox staff to the media.

The same article said that women at Fox were reluctant to speak out about sexual harassment because they were afraid Briganti would destroy them.

Kelly suggested on her podcast on Tuesday that her old network was doomed because of the dismissal of Tucker Carlson. She has stated that the 8 o’clock hour of Fox News is a “bloodbath.” And now, after making the massive error of firing their biggest star, they’re trying to destroy him.

Kelly also criticized The New York Times for its coverage of Carlson, namely a story published on Tuesday that stated the presenter had made racial statements by texting, “This is not how white men fight.”

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